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Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Spikes 50% After Major Fix. Bulls Winning Strength Is Back?

The Terra Classic development team records a landmark feat in its continuous efforts to restore the embattled crypto project to its glorious days and this major move paid off massively on LUNC price.

Per recent news spewing excitement in the Terra Classic community, the LUNC developers have successfully restored the crypto platform’s market swap function, which has been down right after the Terra blockchain collapse in May 2022. 

Intriguingly, the re-installment of the market swap function coincided with LUNC recording an impressive market trend.

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Why The Excitement?

The market swap feature was designed initially to be adopted when exchanging between Terra Classic USD (USTC) and Terra Classic on-chain. Notably, the market swap initiative was to ensure liquidity while affording users and traders an avenue to explore Terra Classic’s all-encompassing metaverse.

As stated earlier, the Terra ecosystem collapse in 2022 disrupted the market swap functionality. However, the feature was not allowed to go into oblivion, as efforts were put into restoring it by including it in the Terra project revitalization plans, spearheaded by the Layer-1 Joint Task Force (L1JTF) and the USTC Quant Team. 

Market Swap Restoration – Impact On LUNC Market Trends 

Following the news breakout of the market swap feature re-installment, LUNC has been recording impressive market statistics. Notably, the digital asset registered an approximately 50% rally within a 24-hour interval.

The above exceptional market trend could also be attributed to Bitcoin’s remarkable market activities. BTC has been registering enticing market statistics, and the effect can be seen in most crypto projects.

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Terra Classic (LUNC) Projected To Increase By 720% 

Per one of our recently published reports, LUNC was projected to spike by 720%. Javon Marks was the crypto analyst behind the price prediction, and he cited factors that could contribute to such a remarkable spike in price. 


According to Marks, Terra Classic is unique in maintaining a consistent trend. He noted that the ability to be steadfast in keeping up to date with an already established principle remains a significant catalyst that would catapult LUNC’s price to incredibly high levels.

Based on data obtained from CoinGecko, LUNC is currently changing hands at about $0.00008340. Invariably, a 720% increase represents $0.000683 price. It is left to see how events unfold.

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