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Terra Classic and USTC Prices Following 6.5B LUNC Burn By Terraform Labs

The Terra Luna Classic ecosystem has been rocked by a significant price drop, following a massive token burn event that saw over 6.5 billion LUNC tokens burned in just 24 hours. This drastic reduction in supply has caused an increased interest among traders, resulting in a remarkable 600% increase in trading volumes over the same period.

Token Burn Initiated by Terraform Labs CEO

The token burn event was initiated by Terraform Labs CEO Chris Amani, who confirmed the burn on social media. This move has led to a substantial decrease in LUNC’s total and circulating supply, resulting in a significant price drop. Large wallets selling LUNC tokens on centralized crypto exchanges have further fueled the selloff.

Binance Leads Burn Count

Binance leads the burn count, with an impressive 60 billion LUNC burned through their monthly burn mechanism. This brings the total burn count to over 123 million LUNC, a significant reduction in supply.

Some speculate that these wallets may belong to individuals linked to TFL and Do Kwon, while others believe that US court filings revealing Milojko Spajic, Prime Minister of Montenegro, as an early investor in Terraform Labs may be connected to the burn event.

Despite the selloff, Terra Classic members remain confident in LUNC’s future price prospects. The impending implementation of Tax2Gas is seen as a positive development, which could lead to increased adoption and higher prices.

Price Drop and Increased Trading Volumes

However, the current price drop has seen LUNC fall by over 14% in the past 24 hours, trading at $0.00007751. Meanwhile, USTC’s price has also fallen by over 3.17%, despite the anticipated significant burn event.

The recent developments have sparked intense interest in the Terra Classic ecosystem, with many eyes fixed on the future trajectory of LUNC and USTC prices.

In conclusion, the massive token burn event has had a significant impact on the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem, leading to a substantial price drop and increased trading volumes.

While the future trajectory of LUNC and USTC prices remains uncertain, one thing is clear — the Terra Classic ecosystem will continue to be closely watched by market participants in the coming days and weeks.


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