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Solana (SOL) Holders Are Betting On Rollblock To Dominate The Online Gambling Market; Filecoin (FIL) Price Continues To Decline

Solana (SOL) wasn’t spared from the major correction that affected all altcoin prices in the wake of Bitcoin (BTC) crapping the bed last week. However, Solana has held up remarkably well since. Other altcoins like Filecoin (FIL) weren’t as lucky; entering the second week of July, Filecoin price action remained on a bearish run. The extended rut that Filecoin holders find themselves mired in has led them to join Solana holders in exploring new projects to hedge their bets on.

One of the top projects drawing the smart money and big-time whales is Rollblock ($RBLK). The online gambling protocol is taking the lucrative iGaming industry on-chain by creating a game-changing GambleFi platform. The Rollblock presale is offering investors a rare opportunity to get in on a certified blue chip with ”100x” written all over it. Learn why Solana and Filecoin holders are betting on Rollblock to dominate the online gambling sector in crypto.

Solana (SOL) holding up well after market downturn

Solana is showing remarkable resilience. SOL prices fell to as low as $122 last June 5th, recovering to trade at $142 as of press time. Compared to other altcoins that saw up to 40% drawdowns after Bitcoin fell to $55,000, Solana has been able to retain its value as bulls slurp each dip. Solana is still a hotbed of meme coin activity, keeping it popular among speculators worldwide. More recently, a growing number of Solana whales have been buying into Rollblock, highlighting the online gambling and GambleFi protocol’s popularity among those in the know.

Filecoin price action continues moribund streak

Filecoin (FIL) holders have been feeling the pinch after the Filecoin price fell by 39% in the past 30 days. Currently, the Filecoin price sits at $3.86, continuing its overall bearish trend. Filecoin is down by 12% over the past year, and analyst predictions remain bleak for the rest of the year. The steady decline has created a climate of FUD around the Filecoin community. With short-term projections pegging Filecoin to rise around the $5 mark, there are cryptos with better growth potential. A growing number of holders are rebalancing their portfolios to include low-cap blue chips with a legitimate chance at parabolic growth, one of which is Web3 online gambling protocol Rollblock. 

Rollblock presale offers investors opportunity to buy into billion-dollar online gambling industry

Solana whales are among the early adopters taking out big positions in one of the hottest presale opportunities of the summer in Rollblock ($RBLK). Rollblock, currently in stage 3 of its ICO, has already sold upwards of 110 million tokens with 4,000+ prospective investors buying in. The excitement is palpable as analysts project massive gains for Rollblock in the coming months. End-of-year projections indicate a potential gain of upwards of 100x, considering the constant expansion of the online gambling sector in recent years. 

Rollblock is combining its online gambling platform with major DeFi utility, granting $RBLK holders staking and revenue sharing incentives. The latter is a major draw for prospective investors; Rollblock holders will be able to earn a weekly percentage of the platform’s revenues based on the number of $RBLK tokens they hold. To promote a positive growth trajectory and reduce scarcity, Rollblock will buy back $RBLK tokens from the open market and burn them from the circulating supply. The deflationary tokenomics structure gives $RBLK ample opportunity to skyrocket in price.

With no KYC requirements, enhanced security measures, and over 150 games, Rollblock is unlike anything in the market. With this in mind, some experts believe that $RBLK could see a massive 100x rally, allowing it to outperform major cryptocurrencies like Solana and Filecoin

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