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Shiba Inu Whale Moved 3.8 Trillion SHIB to Two Wallets: Details

The Ethereum blockchain explorer,, has made a recent shocking revelation about Shiba Inu tokens even amidst the strong bear storm that seemed to hinder progress in most crypto ecosystems.

In the latest development, the Ethereum blockchain explorer disclosed that the 31st largest SHIB Whale initiated a whooping transfer of 3,821,233,843,288 (3.82 trillion) Shiba Inu tokens, estimated to worth about $25,449,417 ($25.44 million).

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Transfer Transaction Details

The whale’s movement of 3.83 trillion SHIB occurred in two transactions. Intriguingly both transactions occurred in rapid succession into two different yet-to-be-identified wallets.

At first, the whale sent 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) SHIB tokens, estimated to be valued at $66,600, to the first unknown wallet. Barely after the completion of the first deal, another transfer got triggered, which delivered 3,811,233,843,288 SHIB tokens valued at $25,382,817 to another anonymous wallet.

It is worth noting that the two transfers exhausted every Shiba Inu holding the whale had amassed about three days ago, implying that the wallet now carries zero SHIB tokens.

Introducing ShibCals, An Exciting NFT Addition To The Shiba Inu Ecosystem

In other developments, Shiba Inu recently launched an exciting gaming feature called Shibcals, which allows users to create unique products while converting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into real-life assets.

Remarkably, Shibacals has set the ball rolling in the best possible way, having announced the release of their highly anticipated Champion hoodies as their first offering. The trendy garments by Shibacals were designed with stylish Shiba tags printed with Hewlett Packard and a Near Field Communication (NFC) technology chip.

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The addition of the NFC technology chip will serve as the link connecting the digital and physical realms in addition to other benefits like access to real-life community events, exclusive merchandise, and Shiboshi integration with apparel.


On the other hand, the physical Shibarium studio has the following features in stock for users.

  • Shiba Inu-themed wireless headphones.
  • Merchandise featuring BONE, SHIB, and LEASH.
  • Plush toys, rare vinyl, and resin puppy toys.
  • Shiboshi-themed chess and checkers set.

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