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Shiba Inu Total Burn Exceeds 410T SHIB Worth Over $3.4B. Here’s the List of Top Burners

In a new development,, a block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum recently disclosed some valuable information on Shiba Inu burn campaign progress. 

Per the data revealed by the Ethereum analytics platform, 410,358,347,683,931 SHIB tokens worth $3,414,181,452 has been sent to the official SHIB burn address.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burned Exceeds 410T SHIB, Valued at Over $3.4B. Here's the List of Top Burners

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List of Shiba Inu (SHIB) Top Burners

Vitamin Buterin – Highest Number Of SHIB Burned

In May 2021, Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum co-founder, triggered the greatest Shiba Inu burn in history when he transferred 410,241,996,771,871 (410.24 trillion) Shiba Inu tokens, valued at $3,413,213,413 ($3.41 billion) to the burn wallet.

Blaze Token (BLZE) – Another Community Driven Project 

Blaze Token was ranked the 2nd top SHIB burner with 11,707,948,935 (11.70 billion) SHIB tokens worth $96,695 burned via multiple transactions. 

Notably, Blaze Token came to live in May 2023 and its SHIB Token burn rate so far has been quite remarkable.

MARSWAP (MSWAP) – Launched In 2023 With Significant SHIB Burn Contribution  

MARSWAP (MSWAP) is the dedicated token of MARSWAP DEX. It was founded in May 2023. Despite being a new platform, it has contributed to burning almost 5 billion SHIB tokens via several transactions. 

Koyo Token (KOY) – Removed SHIB Worth $78,410 From Circulation 

Koyo Token, a community-driven token founded in March 2023,  is another renowned Shiba Inu (SHIB) burner. It has so far contributed 9,493,893,373 (9.49 billion) SHIB valued at $78,410 to the burn initiative.

Mysterious Wallet – 10 Billion SHIB Burned In A Single Transaction 

The Mysterious wallet did what many deemed impossible when it burned 10 billion SHIB tokens valued at $124,300 in a single transaction. The remarkable transaction that witnessed the incineration of 10 billion tokens by the Mysterious Wallet occurred on May 18.

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Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu community contribution to the SHIB burn campaign in the last 24 hours saw 115,413,903 (115.41 million) tokens burned. 


In other news, Shibburn announced the emergence of the Shib Association. The newly launched platform will integrate utility and innovation into Shiba Inu’s metaverse and the recently released Shibarium. Notedly, the Shib Association will stand independent of Shibburn, as revealed on Twitter by Shibburn.

Shibburn tweeted, “Guys, please don’t confuse Shibburn with other projects. Shibburn is an independent company. Also, the Shib Association won’t be part of Shibburn, but we will contribute to it.

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