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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Lead Developer Hints At Shibarium Relaunch Date

  • Shiba Inu Development Team’s Plans To Forestall Similar Occurrences
  • Tackling Fear And Uncertainty In Shibarium’s Functionalities
  • Kusama’s Statements Hint At A Possible Shibarium Relaunch Date

Per a recent blog post, Shiba Inu’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, has revealed that the Shibarium is on the verge of a public relaunch soon. 

Assuring the Shiba Inu community of the development team’s effort to ensure that previous occurrence does not repeat itself, Kusama stated, “After two days of testing and tweaking parameters to achieve a “ready” state, Shibarium is now enhanced and optimized.”

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However, the Shiba Inu lead developer noted that the technology is still producing blocks. He stated, “As mentioned, it is still in testing but producing blocks.”

It is worth mentioning that Shibarium’s initial launch failed to meet the crypto community’s expectations. Notably, the Layer-2 scaling solution network abruptly halted operations due to a spontaneous surge in traffic that accompanied the technology’s release. 

Shiba Inu Development Team’s Plans To Forestall Similar Occurrences 

Discussing the strategies to prevent the recurrence of previous events that halted Shibarium’s operations, the lead developer spotlighted the integration of more refined safety measures. 

Per Kusama, the advanced security efforts include a new monitoring system in addition to fail-safes that incorporate rate limiting at the RPC level and auto server reset. 

“We have enabled a new monitoring system and additional fail-safes including rate limiting at the RPC level and auto server reset in case we get a huge level of traffic again. We are almost ready to reopen to the public,” The lead developer explained.

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Tackling Fear And Uncertainty In Shibarium’s Functionalities 

Using the terminology “FUDDERS,” which implies people who go about spreading false rumors about a coin’s future, Shytoshi noted that this group of individuals does two things. 

FUDDERS would either make you sell off your promising coin holdings, making it easier for them to purchase the exact coin they made you sell at discounted prices.

They could also convince you about the potential of an unproven token, which might not guarantee profit or utility in the long run.

Notably, FUD stands for “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt and it is a common term used in the crypto sphere. 

Furthermore, the Shiba Inu lead developer asserted that one piece of FUD was that the Shibarium’s launch would never happen. Another FUD was that Shiba Inu seemed uninterested in decentralization. 

Responding to the above FUD about decentralization, Kusama stated, “This FUD is now also laughable as I’ve presented what is, arguably, the most comprehensive decentralization document the world has ever seen.”

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Kusama’s Statements Hint At A Possible Shibarium Relaunch Date 

Noting the next steps that would culminate in Shibarium’s relaunch, Kusama stated, “Tomorrow, additional validators will go live, giving even more options for you to stake your BONE for a share of the rewards earned for these two roles in our society. Testing will wrap up, and we will prepare for public consumption once again.”

In addition, the lead developer added, “Speaking of our society, tomorrow we will start implementing the ShibPaper so that within this year, we can have more than just a framework, but a working system for governance and management that proves our perpetual decentralized digital nation-state is real and here to change the world.”

From Kusama’s write-ups above, it is apparent that the Shinarium’s relaunch will most likely happen tomorrow. The released blog post dated August 22, 2023, corroborates the fact that August 23, 2023, is the expected date for Shibarium’s second release.

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