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Shiba Burn Party: 740M SHIB Set to Burn within a Day, 2B SHIB Burn Planned For Next Party

The much-anticipated burn party organized by Steven Cooper’s Bigger Entertainment is finally here. As usual, a part of the Shiba Inu tokens circulating supply will be burned within the next 24 hours.

A few hours ago, Cooper took to Twitter to tell his teeming followers that his company will burn 240 million SHIB tokens during the burn party slated to hold today, Valentine’s Day.

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Bigger Entertainment further stated that Bricks Buster, a game available for download on Google Play Store, is expected to burn 500 million SHIB on 15th February 2022. So, this will make the total burn stand around 1 billion tokens within 24 hours.

According to Cooper in the tweet, his company has already destroyed over 131 million Shiba Inu tokens in the last 7 days. He concluded the tweet by noting that 2 billion tokens burn is the next target.

Steven Cooper tweeted, Great job #shibarmy! Over 131 Mil #shib sent direct to dead wallet this week. We’ll burn 240 Mil tomorrow during the burn party. Bricks Buster will burn 500 Mil on the 15th. Right around 1 BILLION for the week. Some said that was impossible. Let’s go for 2 BILLION next!”

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163 Million SHIB Burned in the Last Week

Shibburn, the platform that tracks all Shiba Inu tokens that are sent to the dead wallet, also reported that 163 million SHIB tokens were permanently removed from the circulating supply with 71 transactions in the last seven days.


Shibburn tweeted, On the other hand, the official Twitter handle of Shibburn reported that over 163 million tokens were taken out of circulation by Shiba Inu Community in the last seven days. To be precise, 163,931,960 tokens were registered as burned with 71 transactions.”

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