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SHIB News: Shibarium Keeps Gaining Momentum with 1.1M Transactions and 1.1M Wallets in 9 Days

Shibarium, the Shiba Inu layer-2 scaling solution, has witnessed an extraordinary surge in activity. In just eight days after its relaunch, Shibarium has surpassed an impressive milestone of one million transactions, accompanied by a rapid increase in the number of wallets, exceeding 1.1 million. This exceptional growth demonstrates the escalating adoption and interest surrounding Shibarium’s innovative layer-2 solution.

Shibarium Surpasses 1 Million Transactions in Record Time

According to Shibariumscan, the dedicated Shibarium explorer for the network, the scaling solution platform has recorded an astounding 1,168,483 transactions as of the current press time. This remarkable achievement occurred in just 9 days after the development team relaunched the network for public use.

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Previously, the network faced setbacks during its initial launch, causing it to be temporarily placed in private mode. However, upon its relaunch, Shibarium experienced an influx of users, which continues to propel its adoption and transaction volume.

Astronomical Growth in Wallets

Simultaneous with the surge in transactions, the number of wallet addresses within the Shibarium network has also skyrocketed. Just days ago, on September 2, The network crossed the significant milestone of one million wallets. Presently, the number of hosted wallets stands at an impressive 1,117,993.

Beyond the remarkable transaction and wallet growth, Shibarium presents impressive statistics that solidify its reputation as a cutting-edge solution. The network boasts an average block time of just five seconds, making it one of the industry’s fastest alternatives. As of now, Shibarium has processed 482,859 blocks, further demonstrating its efficiency and scalability.

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In tandem with network growth, users are actively engaging in staking activities to help secure the network. The total amount of staked BONE tokens currently stands at 24.8 million worth $25.3 million. Within a span of four days, the staked BONE tokens have increased by 2.8 million, indicating the community’s confidence in Shibarium’s stability and potential.

Shibarium’s rapid ascent is rewriting the rulebook of adoption and network growth. With over one million transactions and a staggering 1.1 million wallets in just eight days, Shibarium has captured the attention of the crypto world.


These extraordinary milestones, coupled with its impressive block time and staking activities, establish Shibarium as a force to be reckoned with in the ongoing evolution of layer-2 scaling solutions. As Shibarium continues to break barriers, the wider industry eagerly watches its progress, anticipating further advancements and accomplishments within the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

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