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Viral New Altcoin, Rollblock (RBLK) Forecasted To Beat Tron (TRX) and The Graph (GRT) To the $1 Milestone

The crypto market can be volatile and that’s why some investors conduct in-depth research before choosing the best altcoins to invest in. Tron (TRX) and The Graph (GRT) are some of the top altcoins that have witnessed massive rallies in the past few months. However, those who missed out on the rally don’t need to panic as another altcoin is about to exceed Tron (TRX) and The Graph’s (GRT) price trajectory. 

Rollblock (RBLK) is an outstanding project that is set to experience massive rallies in the coming months. With a fully functional iGaming platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, users can enjoy the best aspects of decentralized and centralized gaming all from the comfort of their own home. With Rollblock’s momentum building drastically and outsider interest peaking, experts tip RBLK to exceed 50x returns in the coming weeks!

Tron (TRX) Regains Bullish Sentiment After Prolonged Decline

Just like the general market, there is bearish pressure, which has led to losses on the monthly chart of TRX, the DeFi crypto of the Tron network. As for the price action of Tron, the currency has remained around the $0.1 region.

However, bulls appear to be coming back into the market. Their activity is detectable on the weekly and biweekly price charts and at the moment, Tron is reporting small profits. In the same way, if the current trend is to be followed, the price of Tron may hit the $0.2 level. Though any bearish action will be a big setback to this bullish outlook.

Analysts Share Bullish Outlook for The Graph (GRT)

The Graph (GRT) is trading around the $0.2 price level after falling from $0.35 a few weeks ago. While some analysts eagerly await a change of trend, others still have a bearish outlook for the altcoin.

Decilizer is bullish about The Graph after the recent breakout that saw it bounce off the $0.2 support level. They forecast the price of the cryptocurrency will rise to $0.47 in the coming weeks. However, like other top altcoins, The Graph will encounter a lot of resistance on its way up. Any little resistance could pull it back to the $0.2 price range.

Rollblock (RBLK) To Capitalize on Hot Start and Reach New Highs 

Even though the crypto market has been in the red in the past three weeks, the Rollblock (RBLK) presale has been an outlier and has risen by 40%. The project is now in full swing, and is planning to achieve new targets in the next few weeks only. Currently in the third presale stage, Rollblock has raised over $790,000, sold over 90 million tokens, and on-boarded 3,000 users.

The next milestones are $1million in funding, 100 million tokens sold, and onboarding 5,000 users. That being the case, market analysts foresee the value of Rollblock’s RBLK coin to rise from $0.014, where it exchanges to $1 before top altcoins such as The Graph and Tron. This potential makes RBLK the best cryptocurrency to buy now. Meanwhile, Rollblock is giving away $20,000 for the EURO tournament. 

Now, what users have to do is to forecast the scores of the various games correctly. In return, they will be rewarded RBLK tokens which they can later on convert to cash. It should also be mentioned that RBLK is the principal asset of the Rollblock online gambling marketplace. RBLK is distributed to users and can be used for purchasing AI Bots and other services.

Also, RBLK can be staked for annual passive income generation. Thus, RBLK is the best cryptocurrency to buy at the moment. Rollblock’s primary offering is gambling, specifically a casino with more than 150 games and the future incorporation of sports betting. It operates on the principle of blockchain and brings the benefits of trust, protection, openness, quickness, and easiness to gambling.


Rollblock is the new altcoin that analysts are bullish about to $1 before top OGs like The Graph and Tron. At the same time, Rollblock’s presale is performing the best out of all this year. The project has registered over 3,000 users, sold over 90 million of its RBLK coins and has raised $780K in just a few weeks.


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