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Ripple Unveils Seven Bold Crypto and XRP Lawsuit Predictions for 2024

As the year draws to a close, the crypto industry is looking to 2024 with anticipation of what the year will bring. Ripple, the prominent blockchain company behind XRP, has weighed in, as two of the company’s leaders shared their views.

Stuart Alderoty, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer (CLO), and Adrien Treccani, a Senior Vice President of Products, shared their bold predictions for the upcoming year, offering their perspectives on the regulatory landscape and institutional adoption.

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Stuart Alderoty’s Predictions

Alderoty paints a picture of a tumultuous regulatory landscape with his predictions.

Prediction 1: He foresees an end to the “misguided” Ripple lawsuit but warns of the SEC’s continued “regulation by enforcement” tactics targeting other industry players. The SEC recently listed Solana, Cardano, and more as securities in the Kraken lawsuit, and this prediction suggests a year of legal battles, with the courts playing a crucial role in curbing SEC practices.

Prediction 2: Alderoty believes judges will continue to challenge the SEC’s expansive interpretations, eventually leading to a showdown in the Supreme Court. This outcome would clear legal boundaries for crypto regulation and limit the SEC’s overreach.

Prediction 3: Alderoty predicts that Congress will agree on the need for regulation but disagree on the approach, leaving U.S. crypto firms in limbo as other countries forge ahead with progressive frameworks. This stalemate could further widen the gap between the U.S. and its global competitors in the crypto world.

Adrien Treccani’s Predictions 

Treccani, on the other hand, paints a more optimistic picture of institutional acceptance.

Prediction 1: He forecasts a shift from courting financial institutions as the industry establishes its value proposition based on efficiency, transparency, and on-demand services. This suggests a maturing industry confident in its potential.

Prediction 2: Treccani sees global banks actively seeking digital asset solutions to meet client demand for modern financial services. This prediction indicates a growing recognition of crypto’s potential to transform traditional finance. Ripple President Monica Long recently shared a similar belief of crypto’s transformative potential in a recent New York Times Special Series.

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Prediction 3: Based on Ripple’s success in partnering with banks, Treccani predicts accelerated adoption rates in 2024. This suggests a growing trust and willingness to collaborate between the two sectors.


Prediction 4: Treccani anticipates increased experimentation with tokenized assets by banks, highlighting the need for robust compliance, security, and integration solutions.

2024 holds a lot of surprises for the crypto community, and one of those is how high the coming bull run will send the crypto market. ChatGPT recently weighed in on XRP’s potential price next year, and these optimistic predictions could help XRP reach that price.

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