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Ripple CTO: Digital Currencies Like XRP Could Challenge US Dollar as World Reserve Currency

David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, has expressed his belief that digital assets, including XRP, have the potential to become world reserve currencies, presenting an alternative to the dominance of the US dollar.

Schwartz’s remarks have sparked excitement within the XRP community, delving into the possibility of countries adopting digital assets as reserve currencies.

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The Likelihood of Coexisting Reserve Currencies

During a Twitter space session hosted by XRP community member XRPStewie, Schwartz was questioned about the possibility of two world reserve currencies coexisting. Responding with optimism, Schwartz affirmed that such a scenario is indeed possible.

Schwartz built his argument on the premise that the US dollar currently holds a dominant position as the reserve currency for most countries. However, he suggested that nations may be open to exploring alternative options, potentially paving the way for digital assets like XRP to play a significant role.

Illuminating XRP’s Role

The insights shared by Schwartz on XRP’s potential as a reserve currency have generated significant interest within the XRP community.

Schwartz outlined a compelling perspective on how digital assets like XRP could help reshape the global currency landscape. He proposed that a positive scenario for digital assets would emerge when countries recognize the limitations of relying solely on the USD.

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Drawing on his experience in the banking sector, Schwartz highlighted how smaller banks often prefer software solutions that are not developed by major banks. This preference arises from concerns that prominent players may introduce biases in the system to their advantage.

Analogously, Ripple CTO suggested that a similar sentiment could drive countries to explore alternative digital assets as reserve currencies.


The notion of digital assets challenging the USD’s supremacy as the world reserve currency opens up new possibilities and potential transformations in the global financial landscape. It remains to be seen how the ecosystem of digital assets evolves and whether nations will embrace this potential shift.

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