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Ripple CTO David Schwartz Amazes XRP Community With Recent Tweet: “XRP Fixes This”

David Schwartz, the esteemed Chief Technology Officer at Ripple Labs and co-creator of XRP Ledger (XRPL), recently took to Twitter to make a thought-provoking statement about the capability of XRP.

Schwartz shared a video showing a speeding car trying to get passed a truck but was obstructed by an unrelenting van. The scenario later resulted in an ugly accident.

Whale Alert

Reacting to the viral video, Ripple CTO wrote, “XRP Fixes This,” effectively igniting a storm of excitement within the crypto community in the process.

Obviously, Ripple CTO used the incident to denote the use cases embedded in the digital token XRP. This implies that no network congestion or obstruction can hold XRP down, as the asset’s transactions usually settle in seconds.

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Unwavering Optimism: The XRP Army’s Resilience

Despite the recent decline in XRP’s price, the dedicated group of XRP enthusiasts, affectionately known as the “XRPArmy,” has managed to maintain unwavering optimism and remain bullish about the digital asset’s long-term potential.

Their confidence in XRP’s ability to overcome obstacles is evident, and Schwartz’s tweet has only reinforced their faith in the transformative power of this cryptocurrency.

Secretive Whales Continuously Accumulate Billions of XRP

Beneath the surface, a notable accumulation of XRP has occurred, orchestrated by whales who have been covertly amassing substantial quantities of the digital currency.

According to recent data provided by Santiment, a leading on-chain analysis firm, these whales control a staggering sum of 16.13 billion XRP tokens. This remarkable figure represents an increase from their previous holdings which stood between 10 million and 1 billion XRP. To put it into perspective, the accumulated XRP is currently valued at a jaw-dropping $8.1 billion.

This clandestine accumulation has not gone unnoticed, and its influence on the market has become increasingly clear. The recent uptick in XRP’s price, where it surged by 6.5% over the weekend, can be attributed to the accumulating actions of these whales. However, the subsequent 5.4% drop in price thwarted the token’s attempt to break through the resistance level, leaving XRP to settle at $0.51762.

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XRP’s Journey: The Path to Overcoming Resistance

While the resistance level has proven to be a formidable hurdle for XRP, the accumulated evidence suggests that this setback might be temporary. The resilience displayed by the XRP army, combined with the persistent whale accumulation, hints at a potential breakthrough in the near future.


As industry insiders eagerly speculate on the potential catalyst that could propel XRP forward, David Schwartz’s intriguing tweet has added fuel to the fire, spurring discussions and raising eyebrows across the XRP ecosystem.

With the XRP community hanging on every word, Schwartz’s tweet has not only captivated the attention of the XRP enthusiasts but the entire crypto sphere. Dubbed as the ultimate fixer, the anticipation grows as the community awaits further insights and developments from the Ripple CTO.

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