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Ripple and Whale Move Millions of XRP To Certain ODL Partner, Sparking Selloff Concerns

A series of whale transactions involving 84 million XRP have drawn the attention of the crypto community and sparked speculation among XRP holders. These movements, occurring amid a 24-hour price dip, have sparked speculation and optimism in equal measure.

Whale Alert (@whale_alert), a blockchain whale tracking platform on X, revealed two significant transactions that sent ripples through the market. The first transaction saw 23.9 million XRP transferred to Bitstamp, a widely known Ripple On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) partner.

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This exchange has garnered attention in XRP circles since Ripple acquired a significant stake in it, making frequent XRP transfers there a familiar sight. This transaction, valued at $14.63 million, was a substantial injection of liquidity into the market.

The second transaction involved 60 million XRP, valued at $36.64 million. This transaction was initiated by Ripple and sent to an unidentified recipient. This address has been observed receiving large volumes of XRP in the past week, further fueling speculation about its purpose and owner.

Despite the significant whale activity, XRP’s price only experienced a relatively 2% increase in the last 24 hours, trading at $0.63 at the time of press.

An Optimistic Perspective on XRP’s Future

Despite recent declines, several prominent analysts have expressed optimism about XRP’s near future, one of which is Amelie (@_Crypto_Barbie), who recently shared her thoughts on XRP, saying that the current drop in price is a perfect time to accumulate the cryptocurrency.

She underlines once more how quickly the token’s bull run might happen, in her words, “THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME FOR ALL OF US TO BUY THE XRP DIP – YOU‘LL NEVER NOW WHEN IT‘S TOO LATE TO SEE THESE CHEAP PRICES EVER AGAIN! Millionaires will be made overnight – XRP will moon in the blink of an eye!”.

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The whale activity, despite its current ambiguity, could be seen as a sign of confidence in the token’s potential. The transfer to Bitstamp, for instance, might indicate preparation for a massive price surge fueled by increased liquidity. Similarly, Ripple’s large transfer could be interpreted as a strategic move to fuel adoption or partnerships.


However, it is crucial to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism. Whale movements, while intriguing, can be unpredictable and often driven by individual agendas.

Basing investment decisions solely on such speculation can be risky. XRP is not the only cryptocurrency influenced by whales, as some major whale activity in the SHIB ecosystem threatened to ruin its bull run.

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Tobi Loba
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