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Required Amount of XRP to Attain Millionaire Status at $5, $10, and $50 Price Levels

XRP has displayed dependable market trends that seem to give crypto enthusiasts strong convictions about the coin’s potential to attain remarkable price highs soon.

Meanwhile, over the past few weeks, different market analysts, crypto proponents, market watchers, and other blockchain experts have constantly come up with XRP price predictions that may be outrageous. At the same time, there are also some modest ones.

Howbeit, this news report shall be looking into how much is required for an investor to attain a millionaire status in dollars should XRP hit price levels at $5, $10, and $50. Before then, we aim to look into XRP’s market price for today before making our evaluations.

XRP In The Crypto Market: What Is The Token’s Current Price

Per CoinGecko, the price for XRP is $0.466452, with a 24-hour trading volume of $809,251,579 and reflecting a 3.3% decline. The price decline could be due to XRP’s failure to leverage the latest upsurge observed within the broader market.

Nevertheless, the recent price fall could be a means to amass XRP tokens at discounted prices while patiently waiting for the coin’s rally.

XRP At $50: Requirement For Reaching The Millionaire Height

$50 million for XRP may sound incredible, but not far-fetched. Recall, in a previous report by TimesTabloid, a prevalent strategist in the community, Egrag, predicted a possible $12 or $50 price level for XRP.

Should the $50 price level be realistic, an investor must lock up 20,000 XRP tokens to attain the millionaire level once the coin hits the $50 price mark. Based on the token’s current price, 20,000 XRP coins would be worth approximately $9,329.04.

XRP To Hit $10 Mark: Millionaire Status Possibility?

A few weeks ago, Egrag assessed XRP’s future price based on historical records and came up with two distinct price levels at $10 and $124. Also, Popular XRP’s Attorney, John Deaton, speculated a potential $10 price mark for XRP.

Peradventure XRP succeeds in attaining a $10 selling cost; investors must stack 100,000 XRP tokens to make a million dollars off the deal. $46,645.2 would purchase 100,000 XRP coins based on the present market outlook.

XRP At $5: Hope For Millionaire Status? 

The $5 price mark appears fair, to say the least, and investors hoping to reach millionaire levels via XRP investments must have a minimum of 200,000 XRP coins available for sale once the token hits the $5 level. Acquiring 200,000 XRP tokens now would cost approximately $93,290.4.

Bottom Line

Attaining millionaire levels based on the forecasted price discussed in this article requires you to swing into action by investing now that XRP’s price seems to decline. However, these should not serve as a yardstick for investment.


Nonetheless, blockchain analyses and research before investment will be ideal to ensure you do not get caught up in the instabilities associated with the crypto space.

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Chinedu Agbakwusi
Chinedu Agbakwusi
Chinedu Agbakwusi is a medical student at the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University with sound knowledge of the crypto space. I am here to be a reliable plug for well-researched crypto content ranging from crypto news to market analyses and blockchain inventions.

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