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ORACLE MEME Coin Presale Achieves $208,000 Milestone in Minutes

Lisbon, Portugal, May 28th, 2024, Chainwire

ORACLE MEME Coin (OMEME) has made an impact in the cryptocurrency market, raising $208,000 within minutes of its presale launch. This rapid fundraising has positioned OMEME as a significant new entrant in the meme coin sector, attracting attention and participation from the community.

Key Milestones and Developments

The presale of ORACLE MEME Coin saw a successful start, raising $208,000 in its initial phase. The team behind ORACLE MEME believes this early achievement underscores the project’s potential and sets the stage for subsequent rounds of the presale

Unique Features and Tokenomics

ORACLE MEME Coin distinguishes itself through its innovative approach within the meme coin space. With a total supply of 50,000,000,000 OMEME tokens, the presale allocation of 40% offers early participants significant involvement in the project’s foundation.

The tokenomics of OMEME include:

  • Staking Rewards: 20% allocation for staking rewards, providing a dynamic percentage return for participants who stake their tokens.
  • Liquidity Pool: 15% dedicated to ensuring smooth trading experiences.
  • Marketing and Partnerships: 10% allocated to marketing and partnerships to enhance global outreach.
  • Development Fund: 10% dedicated to ongoing innovation and ecosystem improvement.
  • Community Fund: 5% set aside for community-driven initiatives and projects.

Community and Ecosystem Growth

The ORACLE MEME Coin project emphasizes utility within the meme coin narrative, aiming to create, share, and monetize memes through its platform. The team already sees significant interest in this project, with thousands of projects joining the network. The raised funds are earmarked for further development and global marketing initiatives to expand the project’s reach.

How to Participate

With the presale progressing, potential participants can visit the official ORACLE MEME Coin website to secure their share of OMEME tokens. The community is actively growing, with channels available on X (Twitter), Telegram, and Discord for ongoing updates and engagement.


ORACLE MEME Coin is establishing itself as a notable project within the cryptocurrency landscape, combining innovative utility with a strong community focus. The ORACLE MEME team views the successful early presale results as reflecting the project’s potential for significant growth and adoption in the coming year.


ORACLE MEME Coin aims to become a leading meme coin by leveraging community, creativity, and blockchain technology. The project focuses on generating and sharing meme content with innovative tools and platforms designed to revolutionize meme creation, distribution, and monetization. Built on principles of transparency, user engagement, and technological advancement, ORACLE MEME offers a unique opportunity for users and investors to be part of a dynamic and evolving ecosystem.


Users can visit the official website to participate in the rounds of the presale.

Users can Join the Meme Revolution and follow ORACLE MEME Coin on X (Twitter) | Telegram | Discord


Santiago Costa Correia
Oracle Meme
[email protected]


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