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Missing U.S. Crypto King’s Dismembered Body Found Blocking a Toilet By Plumbers

In a shocking incident in Sofia, Bulgaria, the remains of the missing Christian Peev, a 41-year-old US cryptocurrency investor with dual American-Bulgarian citizenship, we discovered in a gruesome state. Plumbers were horrified to find parts of his body blocking a toilet in the capital city.

According to the report, Christian, who had built an impressive fortune from cryptocurrency investments after graduating from a US university, was a prominent figure in high-profile events and parties. It was at one of these elite social events that he’s believed to have met Vesco Valchinov, a bartender at the time.

The chilling details suggest that the murder took place between August 8 and 9. Local sources reveal that Valchinov, who later became the prime suspect, allegedly used a dumbbell to kill Christian. Following the grim act, he attempted to dispose of the body by cutting it up and flushing as many parts as possible down the toilet. However, due to their size, some parts, notably the head and several bones, were buried.

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Christian’s sudden disappearance was officially reported on August 10 by his anxious cousin, triggering a full-scale investigation. As the authorities delved into Peev’s last known communications, Vesco Valchinov emerged as a person of interest. Surveillance footage from Valchinov’s residence showed both men entering on August 8. The following day, only Valchinov was seen leaving.

Compounding the case further, another man named Konstantin Subotinov was implicated. Upon his arrest, Subotinov confessed to aiding Valchinov in disposing of the remains. He admitted to driving some of the body parts to Vitosha and burying them there.

The manhunt for Valchinov intensified as he tried to evade the law, seeking refuge in a hotel in Vitosha. But his stay was short-lived, as authorities tracked his phone and apprehended him the next day.

Peeling back the layers of Christian Peev’s life, it was revealed that his association with Valchinov extended back five to 6 years. The duo first crossed paths at a bar, and Peev, with his extensive knowledge, introduced Valchinov to the world of cryptocurrency trading.

A Case of Jealousy?

This connection, coupled with Peev’s significant financial stature, has led investigators to contemplate financial disagreements as a motive. However, given the stark contrast in their lives, jealousy on Valchinov’s part is also considered a potential driving force behind the heinous crime.


As Bulgaria reels from this horrifying incident, the quest for justice is in full swing. With many unanswered questions, local authorities are working tirelessly to piece together the events leading up to this tragedy.

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