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Expert Predicts Bullish Rebound On Uniswap And Arbitrum; Milei Moneda Takes Over The Market With 10x Prospects


  • Uniswap (UNI) has introduced a new Ethereum standard for cross-chain trading as the token climbs.
  • Arbitrum (ARB) whales are accumulating tokens, and the crypto coin looks set to outpace Polygon among the L2 networks.
  • Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is a few weeks away from launch and is setting its sights on joining the list of top DeFi coins. 

Uniswap (UNI) has held the top spot among decentralized exchanges for years, and its UNI token has benefited from the attention. DeFi also underwent a subtle shift to L2 networks for scalability, and Arbitrum (ARB)  is looking to take the top spot from Polygon. Of course, it’s all a business of profits for investors, but Milei Moneda ($MEDA) seeks to combine memes with its profits. With the recent price movements and Milei Moneda’s presale, the top altcoins list could be due for re-shuffling.

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Uniswap to Enable Cross-Chain Utility With New Erc Standard

Uniswap is on quite the streak these days, and given the SEC’s investigation into Uniswap’s operations, that’s saying something. While the news brought UNI’s altcoin price to a standstill in April, there was no way it could have kept one of the best DeFi projects for much longer.

UNI has now seen consecutive weekly profit streaks, and the altcoin is already better for it. Uniswap’s weekly timeframes reveal some 37% gains in the past week–the bull run is on, and DeFi coins are starting to cash in already.

In recent crypto news, Uniswap has introduced a new Ethereum standard, the ERC 7683, to facilitate cross-chain trading in the crypto-verse. Users will soon be able to send tokens across networks with increased compatibility and interoperability across those chains.

ARB Profits From Token Accumulations

Bitcoin’s halving started the bull run cascade, but it looks like Ethereum will be maintaining the flow. Arbitrum struck new gains on Monday as rumors of potential Ethereum ETFs rose again.

The SEC has delayed the approval process for ETH ETFs, and the top powers are divided over whether ETH is a security or not. Nonetheless, L2 chains like Arbitrum and Optimism are moving up the top gainers list, thanks to fresh speculation.

Well, not for Arbitrum. ARB is about 21% up from last week’s opening price, and its investors have been buying up tokens for the past week. The accumulation puts ARB ahead of MATIC in the current price pump battle. It could soon get hotter for the top DeFi projects, though; Milei Moneda is coming!

Get onto the Milei Moneda Train Today!

The DeFi sector is set to get a lot more lively this year, as Milei Moneda’s launch will open even more opportunities for meme coins. $MEDA is looking to compete with DeFi coins like no other meme coin has attempted, and its community will be at the heart of all the action.

Innovation and creativity will define Milei Moneda’s new DeFi projects, as the platform intends to offer utility to traders across the crypto-verse. With these utilities, $MEDA will remain relevant in the market, ensuring that investors’ profits flow consistently.

Alongside DeFi profits, Milei Moneda has embraced deflation to control market volatility. Most meme coins launch with massive token supplies–although $MEDA has just 500 million coins–and the volatility might prevent the altcoin price from growing significantly.

Hence, some 5% of the supply has been dedicated to be burned regularly. This approach will result in a steady rise in value for Milei Moneda’s native token and long-term profits for the investors.


However, what’s even more exciting is getting on the project before you hustle from exchanges like everyone else. $MEDA tokens are in Stage 3 of the presale and are currently worth $0.015 each.

$MEDA will list on Uniswap in a few weeks at $0.020. Buy yours now and settle for over 33% profit by the launch!

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