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Major Reasons Why XRP Price Is Crashing

XRP has had a tough start to 2024, dropping a staggering 16% and breaking important support levels like a sinking ship. But instead of giving in to despair, let’s dive deep into the most possible reasons behind this recent turbulence.

Broader Market Chaos: Bitcoin (BTC), the largest crypto by market cap, took a hard fall, causing a market-wide wave that dragged XRP down. The excitement from recent spot ETF approvals quickly turned into a frenzy of selling by big investors. This negative trend, fueled by the high fees of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, affected the entire crypto market and left XRP in a bad state.

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Missing ETF Hope: Despite XRP having clear legal standing, the eagerly awaited spot ETF is still nowhere to be seen. No investment manager has come forward to make this dream a reality, leaving investors feeling uncertain and lost. The initial optimism sparked by Judge Torres’ ruling has now turned into disappointment.

Whales on the Move: Just like Moby Dick could sink a whaling ship, large XRP investors are selling strategically, putting downward pressure on the market. Recent data show that XRP holders are moving their assets to exchanges, which could be dumped on the open market eventually. Data also reveal that there are fewer giant XRP holders with holdings between 100 million and 10 billion, suggesting a mass exodus.

But amid all this darkness, there is still hope. XRP has managed to hold its ground at $0.51, defying the persistent attacks from bearish investors. The surge in 24-hour trade volume shows that there is ongoing interest and the possibility of a future recovery.

The Way Forward: Cautiously Optimistic

While these reasons paint a gloomy picture, it’s important to remember that the crypto market works in cycles. XRP has faced similar challenges before and has come out stronger. The recent price drop could be a temporary setback within a larger upward trend. Here are some reasons to be cautiously optimistic:

Ripple’s Continued Focus: Ripple is actively working on developing and promoting the XRP ecosystem. Recent partnerships and initiatives like the XRPL Foundation and the integration with the FIO Protocol show their commitment to growth.

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Regulatory Progress: The ongoing lawsuit with the SEC is nearing its end, which could bring clarity and attract more institutional investors.


Strong Community Support: The XRP community is known for its unwavering belief in the project. Their dedication can play a vital role in driving long-term adoption and success.

XRP’s recent price drop is undeniably concerning, but it’s crucial to analyze the situation with a balanced perspective. While the factors mentioned above have had an impact, the future remains uncertain. Ultimately, XRP’s success will depend on addressing these challenges, attracting more developers, and building a thriving ecosystem with real-world applications.

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Adedoyin Aka
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