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Machine Learning Model Predicts Terra Classic (LUNC) Price For 2024, 2025, and 2030

Following the transient uptrends recorded in the crypto market in the past couple of days, which could also be attributed to Bitcoin’s positive influence on the broad market, most crypto assets, including Terra Classic (LUNC), recorded a surge in prices.

The short-lived rally described above seemed to have reignited the hope for a potential LUNC bull run, as crypto enthusiasts appeared to be nursing the hopes of LUNC breaking above one-cent market worth. For context, one cent is approximately $0.01. 

The reason behind the renewed hope is not far-fetched. LUNA, which was the previous Terra project, recorded an all-time high (ATH) of about $120 before its collapse.

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Crypto enthusiasts believe that Terra’s rebranded project, Terra Classic (LUNC), would follow a similar growth and expansion pattern that saw LUNA surge to its price ATH. However, despite the efforts of the coin’s community development team, the digital asset has always struggled to remain afloat among its peers in the crypto space.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction

Following the growing anticipation for LUNC’s potential attainment of a $0.01 price level, TimesTabloid thought it wise to seek the machine learning algorithm’s perspectives from CoinCodex, a leading crypto assets tracker. 

According to data extracted from the machine learning model, LUNC is expected to be worth $0.00006112 by the end of October 2024 and by the end of 2025. This implies that there won’t be a notable change in price over 1 year.

Based on LUNC’s current price of $0.00006420, the projected price of $0.00006112 indicates that the asset would decline by approximately 4.8% at the designated timelines.

For the end of 2030, the machine learning algorithm model predicted a further decline to about $0.0000000006192, representing a poor market outlook for the token in the long run.

Source: CoinCodex

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LUNC’s Current Market Printings And Other Indices 

LUNC’s current price standings indicated earlier in this insight represent a 16.4% increase from the recorded price in the past week. The digital asset boasts a market cap of $373,683,624 and a trading volume of $52,559,048.


LUNC’s enormous 5.8 trillion coin supply remains a significant problem that must be tackled if the crypto asset is to witness a rapid turnaround in fortune.

Based on prevailing conditions, LUNC’s ascent to $0.01 remains an over-ambitious expectation that does not seem likely to play out anytime soon. However, readers are encouraged to keep open minds and be rational in assessing potential price projections.

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