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Litecoin (LTC) and Aave (AAVE) Buy the Dip; But Rollblock (RBLK) Voted As the Best Hedge Against the Crypto Market Crash

In the last couple of weeks, the crypto market has been faced with a strong bearish trend. This negative sentiment has brought the value of even the best cryptos, like Litecoin and Aave to the lowest they have been in a long time. 

At the same time, investors are making purchases on the dip, expecting the prices to recover in the coming weeks. Others are hedging their investment from price drops by investing in presale tokens like Rollblock, market experts forecast the presale coin soaring by 50x this year.

Litecoin (LTC): Analyst Predicts Rise To $120

Given the bearish sentiment in the crypto market, investors and traders are going hard on DeFi coins like Litecoin (LTC). Recall that at the beginning of May, Litecoin surprised the crypto market by rising to a 3-month high of $110. Sadly, in the following weeks, there was a huge sell off in the crypto market.

Litecoin has been exchanging hands at around $70. MASTERBTCLTC argues that the price of Litecoin will soon be at $120. This will largely rely on the overall sentiment of the general crypto market and which direction the buyers are likely to take within the next few weeks.

Aave (AAVE) Gains Momentum After Drop To $75 Support

The native token of the Aave (AAVE) lending protocol is also among the DeFi coins that are being accumulated by investors. The price of the cryptocurrency has been dropping since it failed to cross the resistance at $130.

Presently, it is exchanging hands at the $80-90 region. The good news is that data from CoinMarketCap shows the altcoin is trading in the green on the weekly chart. If this momentum lingers, it could extend to the biweekly and monthly timeframes in the next trading sessions.

Investors Turn To Rollblock (RBLK) As Hedge Against Bearish Market

Rollblock (RBLK) has become a good hedge against the negative sentiment in the market after its meteoric price surge in the past few weeks. It was able to gain 40% while other cryptocurrencies were trading in the red region. Currently priced at $0.014, analysts have tagged Rollblock as a good crypto to buy with a forecasted 50x price surge for the altcoin going forward. 

Rollblock is a novel GambleFi platform entering the $450 billion gambling market, its goal is to top other projects in this industry. Thus, it operates on a blockchain to give gamblers a safe and convenient environment through which they can access more than 150 games. These games are from all the categories, ranging from poker to dice and slot.

Also, Rollblock has plans to offer new games and other sports betting shortly after its launch. Even more exciting, members of the Rollblock community get a cut of the platform’s earnings. Rollblock will purchase RBLK tokens from the market using up to 30% of its revenues.

Half of them are burned to spark scarcity, while the others are used to reward stakers. This encourages long-term investment and project stability and makes Rollblock a good crypto to buy. At the moment, Rollblock is hosting a $20,000 giveaway for the football community. To be part of it and win, rush over to Rollblock’s X account, predict the scores of the games posted, and stand a chance to win cash rewards.


This bear market is a good opportunity for investors to get in on projects like Litecoin and Aave at a low price. However, Rollblock has the lowest price and is among the best cryptos that analysts have picked for gains this year. Get in now before the bull market begins.


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