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Legal Expert Sparks Debate Over XRP Price Actions

The XRP community was shaken this week by a fiery debate ignited by prominent lawyer Bill Morgan, a staunch advocate for the embattled cryptocurrency.

Morgan’s contrasting views on the long-term potential of XRP sent shockwaves through the crypto community, leaving short-term optimists uncertain and influential figures like Moon Lambo engaged in a heated exchange.

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Morgan’s Analysis Reveals Concerning Trends

Morgan’s analysis focused on XRP’s recent performance within a one-month window, revealing that despite positive legal developments, the token remained stagnant or even experienced slight declines.

He also highlighted the worrying trend of XRP losing ground against Bitcoin. These observations challenged the prevailing narrative of a bullish future for XRP and left many devoted XRP supporters questioning their long-term faith in the digital asset.

Urging Critical Analysis and Responsible Investment

Morgan’s comments were met with surprise by the XRP community, as he stressed that acknowledging short-term struggles does not equate to abandoning belief in XRP’s potential. He urged the community to engage in critical analysis and go beyond the ongoing lawsuit to scrutinize the token’s performance.

To support his argument, Morgan delved into the history of XRP’s price, revealing a more complex picture. While XRP had experienced a steady decline against Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2018, Morgan also highlighted a 78% surge in price over the past year, outperforming a significant portion of the top 100 coins.

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Morgan’s intervention served as a wake-up call, urging long-term investors to move beyond blind belief and engage in critical thought. He emphasized the importance of questioning dominant narratives, analyzing data, and fostering open discourse for responsible investment in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.


At present, XRP’s price has shown a small rebound, climbing over 3% in the last 24 hours to approximately $0.6075. However, the trading volume has decreased by 13%, indicating the fragility of this recovery.

The debate sparked by Morgan’s insights is ongoing, and its outcome remains uncertain. The XRP story continues to unfold, with the potential for further speculation and unexpected twists that will challenge the beliefs of both optimists and skeptics.

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