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How to Gamble with Cryptocurrencies? Details

Online casino games have become more popular than ever. Millions of people around the world enjoy playing casino games online. These games give you the chance to win money while having fun. However, this article is not going to be about traditional online casinos. In fact, during the last few years, cryptocurrency online casinos have been developing at high speed.

Despite that, many people, including classic online gambling enthusiasts, do not know how they can play with cryptocurrencies. This article will help you understand that playing casino games with crypto is less complicated than it seems; you just have to follow certain steps, which are listed below.

Set up your cryptocurrency wallet

Having a crypto wallet would mean that you are down with more than 20% of the process. Having a crypto wallet is like having a traditional, usual wallet, but with fewer chances of losing it. A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital location allowing its users to keep their users without thinking that their digital money would get lost. There are various crypto wallets on the market, such as Coinbase, Metamask, Exodus Crypto Wallet, Public, etc. So you can do a simple search to find out which one fits your requirements and expectations.

Pick the Type of the Cryptocurrency

Right after you establish your crypto wallet, it is time to pick the type of crypto you want to continue the journey. In order to not get confused with your final decision, you can find the gambling casino first, check which crypto is included in their payment methods, and then choose. If you haven’t decided about the gambling casino, you can do a general search to find out which cryptocurrency is usually accepted by most casinos.

Transferring the Crypto to the Casino

If you have already bought the crypto, your next step should be to wire it to the casino’s account, follow the instructions, and start playing. After winning money, you can withdraw it by using your digital wallet and change the crypto to standard money.

Game Selection

After getting done with establishing your wallet, picking the type of the crypto, and making sure that your casino account has some crypto, your upcoming step should be selecting the game you are most interested in. Crypto casinos usually have a wide range of games, including Goldfish, Buffalo, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and many more, so you will definitely find something that would be interesting for you. While you might be familiar with these games, as most of them are also offered in traditional and online casinos, some rules might be different, so always check the rules and payouts of the game you are willing to play.

Withdraw Your Cryptos

The last step is the withdrawal process, where you decide how much crypto to withdraw. Just like with classic online casinos, you should hit the button “withdraw,” enter the amount of money you want to take, your wallet address, and that’s all.

Why choose a Crypto Casino?

In addition to all the steps that would help you play a crypto casino, there are some reasons why you need to choose a Crypto Casino.

Generally, crypto casinos are more accessible. While some countries put some restrictions on playing with a certain currency, there are almost no restrictions on cryptos.


Another advantage is anonymity. This is because you do not have to provide your personal data. In addition, cryptocurrency does not rely on the government or any state authorities, which means that you are not going to be frozen because of certain things that would bother them.

Besides, the payment process with crypto is faster than the traditional ones.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, as you can see, gambling with crypto is not the hardest challenge. In fact, what you need to have is your digital wallet and, obviously, some amount of cryptocurrency. This article provided the most essential steps you need to take in order to get into crypto gambling. Firstly you need to establish your crypto wallet, choose the type of the crypto, transfer the crypto to the gambling site, select the game, start playing and, eventually, withdraw.

Tobi Loba
Tobi Loba
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