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How To Choose a Computer for Online Games: The Useful Guide for Gamers

Selecting a laptop has always been a difficult task. And choosing a computer for games is an even more complicated procedure. This is due to many factors such as:

  • Games online that the user will play.
  • Financial possibilities of the gamer.
  • The eternal question – “PC or laptop?”
  • What’s the difference between a ready-made PC build and a DIY one? What is better and more profitable?
  • What indicators to look for when choosing a computer?
  • Which processor to choose? Intel vs. AMD?

And these are just some of the factors that will be required when deciding. We have prepared an article specifically for those who want to choose a high-quality gaming PC while not delving too deeply into the topic and mechanisms of operation and the synergy of components among themselves. We will discuss the main aspects of choice and features requiring special attention.

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Which processor to choose? Intel or AMD?

There are two main competitors in the component market, Intel and AMD. The bulk of personal computers and laptops work with such central processors. Which one is better?

The difference is in the principles of work. But, to avoid getting into complex technical terms and concepts, their architecture, and their performance, we can say that all manufacturers are good in their way.

  • AMD. Often used for online games as a cheaper option to a competitor.
  • Intel. One-stop solution for most users. The price tag will be $50-$200 higher than AMD’s, depending on the generation of the processor.


There are three types of drives:

  • HDD is the old generation of drives, slower than analogs and very voluminous.
  • SSDs are relevant now. However, they represent the past generation of small, fast, and silent drives.
  • SSD M2 NV Me is the latest generation with the highest read/write speed. We advise you to give preference to them.

Video Card

There are two types of video cards. Many users ignore this indicator and ask: “Why can’t my favorite games start? Everything doesn’t work”.

  1. Integrated graphics. It is an integrated graphics core. It is located in the processor. It provides a computer’s functionality and essential features but is not enough for online entertainment.
  2. Discrete video card. Before choosing a computer, it is important to pay attention to a discrete video card. If players want to play free bets with no deposit games, then they should take care in advance that their computer meets all the parameters. A discrete graphics card is a separate component responsible for the visual part, special effects processing, and beautiful graphics in games online, including animations. Due to the scarcity, it is not so easy to find a new card, but players can try it. Online projects do not need a full version with the RTX option. A model with 4-6 gigabytes of memory will suffice for all gamers.

The video card also has a manufacturer. To provide the best synergy between the graphics card and the processor, try to find a PC with the following processor-graphic card combination:

  • AMD processor – Radeon graphics card;
  • Intel processor – Nvidia graphics card

Why is this binding to manufacturers important? It’s all about how these components work. They always work in pairs: the processor takes over the computational processes and attaches the architecture and the geometry of in-game objects, and the video card overlays textures, shadows, and graphic components.


Laptop and Its Important Features

All top brands (Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and so on) have interesting gaming device lines. The selection algorithm is approximately the same as choosing the PC version. The components inside are all the same, and the manufacturer of the ingredients is the same. But there are a few subtleties that can help you with the choice:

  • Cooling system. The laptop is smaller, which means that it will heat up more. Pay attention to its operating temperatures, how the fans work, and where the hot air ducts are located. There are models where hot air blows directly into the monitor, negatively affecting its operational life. Choose those where the air ducts are on the back of the case.
  • Availability of free slots for upgrades. It applies to RAM and hard drive. Some manufacturers simply do not provide an opportunity to improve the starting equipment. Choose those where there is an option to replace the hard drive.
  • Soldered RAM. It’s not very good. You cannot increase its volume. The RAM stick is soldered to the motherboard, making it difficult to replace in case of a breakdown. Yes, and it will be impossible to increase the volume. Try to avoid such models.


Choosing a PC for games is a responsible matter. When purchasing a computer for online games, everyone wants to keep its service life and the relevance of the system longer. You don’t want to buy a new PC or laptop every year. Be careful, do not rush with the choice, and compare all the indicators and characteristics. Then you will be able to find the perfect PC for you.

Tobi Loba
Tobi Loba
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