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How Shiba Inu Users Can Virtually Watch Shytoshi Kusama Presentation at Blockchain Conference

The Shiba Inu team has a thrilling update for its users. Today, they can virtually witness Shytoshi Kusama’s speech at the Blockchain Futuristic Conference.

This is a big move by Shiba Inu. It has paved the way for its users to be part of the event by watching the lead developer, Kusama, share his insights at the much-anticipated conference.

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Anticipated Shytoshi Kusama Address

Yesterday’s announcement revealed details of Kusama’s upcoming presentation. Titled “Dear Humanity: An Insider’s Perspective,” this talk is scheduled for today at 14:10 EDT (18:10 UTC).

And what makes it even more interesting? It will be delivered virtually, using AI. The Shiba Inu crew promises an exhilarating experience, hinting at the virtual talk’s captivating nature.

The Shiba Inu team tweeted, “Can’t be in Toronto? No worries, tune in virtually to watch @ShytoshiKusama present ‘Dear Humanity: An Insider’s Perspective’ via AI. Trust us, it’s a showstopper! Don’t blink. This electrifying session is a must-watch! Join us tomorrow, 14:10 EDT.” 

The Blockchain Futuristic Conference is no ordinary event. Kusama is set to join a distinguished group of speakers. Among them are big names in the crypto space, such as the brains behind Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, and the force behind Ethereum, Anthony Di Iorio.

The conference, spread over 2 days (August 15-16, 2023), is taking place in Toronto, Canada. And the good news? You don’t have to be there physically. The entire event can be streamed from home, a boon for global crypto enthusiasts.

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BCF’s Relevance to the Shiba Inu Community

But why is this conference so special for Shiba Inu followers? Well, it’s a celebratory period. This event marks 3 years since Shiba Inu was introduced in August 2020.

There are big expectations. Word is out that the Shiba Inu team might announce the launch of Shibarium’s mainnet during the conference. Plus, attendees (both virtual and physical) are eagerly waiting for the release of the complete Shiba Inu Worldpaper.


A Glance At Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Now, for those new to this, a bit about Shiba Inu. Represented by the symbol SHIB, this cryptocurrency saw the light of day in August 2020. The brains behind it remain a mystery, going by the name “Ryoshi”. The coin’s name is inspired by the Shiba Inu dog breed from Japan’s Chūbu region.

Fun fact; this is the same dog seen in Dogecoin’s logo, which began as a fun take on the Doge meme. Over time, Shiba Inu earned labels like “meme coin” and was occasionally associated with quick-profit schemes. Shiba Inu, the main token of the ecosystem, brings the power of a decentralized, community-led currency to its users.

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