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How High Shiba Inu (SHIB) Could Rise After Bitcoin Halving

With 2023 almost elapsing, attention seemed to divert towards the next big thing in the crypto sphere, “the Bitcoin halving event.”

Notably, Bitcoin halving has been estimated to happen in April 2024, and the usual sentiments accompanying the event have always hinged around massive bull runs for most crypto assets. 

Consequently, most crypto assets have been gathering momentum, as they have been reading green across several price charts. Shiba Inu (SHIB) is not left out of the rally show as it also recorded tremendous market statistics.

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At the time of writing, SHIB was revealed by CoinGecko to be changing hands at approximately $0.000011. It recorded 32.7% and 30.5% increments in the past month and last year, respectively. In the past week, SHIB recorded maximum and minimum prices of $0.00001165 and $0.00000972, respectively. 

While the above metrics and price movements may seem to corroborate testimonies of SHIB’s remarkable run, the big question has always remained: what would be SHIB’s price outcome in the long run, especially after the Bitcoin halving event?

Despite most indications pointing towards a remarkable rally for SHIB during Bitcoin halving, no potential price target seemed to have emerged for the token before and after the event. 

Arriving at a particular price mark has been difficult because it requires analyzing several facets of the crypto market before concluding.

What Talegaon and Google Bard Said

Talegaon, a renowned crypto analytics firm, has been at the forefront of SHIB’s price prediction. The analytics platform projected that SHIB could a new price all-time high if it sustains its current form. 

Meanwhile, per Talegaon’s 2024 SHIB price forecast, the digital asset could attain maximum and minimum prices of $0.0000571 and $0.0000221, respectively. It also predicted an average price of $0.0000367.

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All the prices above are possibilities that could play out next year, depending on how events unfold. However, nothing is certain yet.

Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence model with growing relevance in the crypto sphere, was also involved in SHIB’s future price action debate.


According to the AI model, SHIB could achieve specific price targets depending on three possible scenarios.

For a pessimistic scenario, Bard predicted price levels below $0.00004. While for a moderate outcome, the AI model highlighted price targets between $0.00008 and $0.00012. For an optimistic scenario, Bard predicted price levels between $0.00015 and $0.0002.

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