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Hoskinson Responds As Bitboy Claims Cardano Has Lost Institutional Favor

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, has recently addressed comments from prominent crypto proponent Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy, regarding the declining institutional appeal of Cardano’s native token, ADA.

Armstrong, a former Cardano supporter, has expressed his belief that ADA has lost favor with institutional investors, citing a lack of interest from venture capitalists. He argues that this diminished institutional backing could hinder ADA’s long-term viability as a legitimate investment. However, he acknowledges the possibility of short-term gains for ADA holders during the current market cycle.

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Hoskinson countered these claims by highlighting the core philosophy behind cryptocurrencies. He emphasized that the original vision aimed to create a decentralized financial system that could potentially replace, rather than rely on, traditional institutions and their validation.

Hoskinson’s rebuttal aligns with the views of some Cardano proponents who downplay the significance of institutional adoption for the project’s success. They argue that Cardano’s development has prioritized user needs and community building over catering to the demands of institutional investors. Furthermore, they point out that Cardano has demonstrably grown without relying heavily on venture capital funding.

This disagreement comes on the heels of a previously declined invitation from BitBoy to engage in a public discussion. Hoskinson reasoned that such a conversation would be unproductive given BitBoy’s recent shift in stance towards Cardano.

Shifting Tides: From Bullish to Bearish

BitBoy’s current skepticism surrounding ADA stands in stark contrast to his previous pronouncements. Just six months ago, he expressed strong optimism for Cardano, predicting a potential 2,000% price increase for ADA. This dramatic reversal has raised questions about the underlying motivations behind his recent criticism.

An X user, ZKDID, stated, “He’s engagement farming and must’ve bought the dip.” Many others speculate that factors beyond a purely objective assessment of Cardano’s prospects may be influencing his commentary.

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A History of Fickle Predictions?

This is not the first time BitBoy has made seemingly contradictory pronouncements about cryptocurrency projects. During the FTX collapse, he projected Solana (SOL) to fail and advised investors to abandon it.

However, his recent analysis suggests a renewed confidence in SOL’s future potential. This pattern of shifting stances has led some to question the credibility of his investment advice.


Despite the recent criticisms, Cardano’s development continues apace. The project remains focused on its roadmap, which includes ongoing protocol upgrades and the expansion of its smart contracts functionality. The success of these endeavors will ultimately determine ADA’s long-term value proposition, regardless of the level of institutional adoption.

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