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Here’s When XRP Is Projected To Hit $381

XRP has taken investors on a wild journey clouded with unpredictable price actions that have tested investors’ patience over the years. 

Notably, XRP began 2024 on a good note. The digital asset traded consistently above $0.60 before Bitcoin’s spontaneous decline that was replicated by other crypto assets, including XRP.

Following the impacts of BTC’s actions described above, XRP dropped below $0.60 to $0.57. The digital asset never reclaimed $0.60 until a few hours ago, after it was announced that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finally approved Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

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XRP is changing hands at approximately $0.59, reflecting a 4.4% increment in the last 24 hours. It is left to see how far the latest developments and happenings in the crypto sphere will impact the coin’s price movements. 

Nevertheless, while XRP continues to navigate its path toward reaching sustainable price expansion, bullish and ridiculous price predictions have continuously emerged for the token. 

Projected Timeline For XRP To Hit $381

Changelly, a renowned crypto exchange, has put forward long-term XRP price targets spanning over 25 years. 

According to XRP’s price prediction table on Changelly, the digital asset was projected to conclude 2024 with minimum, average, and maximum prices of approximately $0.79, $0.82, and $0.94, respectively.

By 2028, the exchange noted that XRP could reclaim its $3.8 all-time high. The platform highlighted a $3.93 maximum price for XRP in 2028.

The exchange projected XRP to attain the lowest, average, and highest prices of $381.26, $416.92, and $486 28, respectively, in 2040. 

Considering the ridiculous price target for XRP in 2040, we thought it wise to inquire from Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, about its take on the price target and timeline.

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Bard’s Insight On XRP Reaching $381 Price Level In 2040 

Bard noted that XRP reaching a $381 price level 16 years from now is extremely difficult as several uncertainties are bound to happen before 2040.


However, the chatbot noted that attaining regulatory clarity, outdoing major competitors, achieving a greater adoption rate, technological advancements, and favorable global economic factors could see XRP attain the projected price.

While the price prediction by Changelly might seem quite incredible, it is worth mentioning that Egrag, a renowned crypto market chartist and XRP enthusiast, drew a parallel to the explosive energy of a Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB), projecting XRP to a $220 price high.

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