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Google Gemini Predicts Terra Classic (LUNC) Price If Bitcoin Hit $400,000 After Halving

The cryptocurrency market is constantly flooded with speculations about the price trajectories of various digital assets. One coin that has been generating particular interest is Terra Classic (LUNC), the remnant of the imploded Terra (LUNA).

The Bitcoin halving, a pre-programmed event that occurs roughly every four years, reduces the rewards for BTC miners by half, effectively decreasing the supply of new Bitcoin entering circulation. Historically, halving events bullishly impact Bitcoin’s price, which could spill over into the altcoin market.

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Google Gemini’s AI Model Offers Insights

Google’s advanced AI language model, Gemini, has recently weighed in on the potential price action for Terra Classic (LUNC).

Gemini’s analysis, which considers historical trends, market sentiment, and the upcoming Bitcoin halving, suggests that LUNC could experience a significant surge if the Bitcoin price reaches $400,000 after halving.

Gemini says, “Given the historical correlation between Bitcoin’s price and the broader altcoin market, a Bitcoin surge to $400,000 could create a strong tailwind for LUNC. If market sentiment remains bullish, LUNC has the potential to break out of its current range and potentially reach a price of $0.002539 or higher, representing a gain of over 1000% from its current level.”

It’s crucial to remember that cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and unpredictable. Google Gemini’s prediction is based on probabilistic models, and there’s no guarantee that LUNC will reach the suggested price target.

Terra Classic Ecosystem Developments

Beyond the potential impact of the Bitcoin halving, the Terra Classic community has been actively working to revitalize the ecosystem. Several developments that could positively influence LUNC’s price are underway:

Burning Mechanism: Every transaction on the Terra Classic blockchain incurs a small tax, usually around 1.2%. These LUNC tokens from the tax are then permanently burned (removed from circulation). Besides that, Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, supports the recovery of LUNC by adhering to the burn initiative every month. Times Tabloid recently reported that Binance burned 4.17 billion LUNC

Network Upgrades: Developers, such as Fragwuerdig are working on upgrades to the Terra Classic network, aiming to improve its scalability, security, and overall user experience.

dApp Development: Efforts are underway to attract more developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) on the Terra Classic blockchain, which could increase its utility and adoption.


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The Road Ahead

While Google Gemini’s prediction offers a glimmer of hope for LUNC investors, it’s essential to approach the market with caution. The path forward for Terra Classic remains uncertain. However, the combination of the upcoming Bitcoin halving and ongoing developments within the LUNC ecosystem could pave the way for a resurgence in the price of this once-troubled cryptocurrency.

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