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Gemini Is Expressing Excitement about XRP. Another Major U.S. Listing Underway? Details

Gemini, a prominent US-based cryptocurrency exchange, has recently caused a stir among the XRP community with its intriguing tweet about the digital asset.

In a clever play on words, the tweet expressed enthusiasm for XRP, garnering considerable attention and sparking speculation about a possible listing of the cryptocurrency on Gemini’s trading platform.

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In less than 24 hours of being posted, Gemini’s tweet gained significant traction, garnering a whopping 471k impressions. The sudden interest shown by Gemini in XRP has ignited speculation within the crypto community, leading many to wonder if this playful tweet alludes to an imminent listing of XRP on the exchange.

Blockchain Backer, a well-known figure in the XRP community, joined in the conversation, lightheartedly urging Gemini to expedite the listing process, cheekily highlighting that they were a “little late to the re-list party.” Their enthusiastic response further fueled anticipation for XRP’s potential addition to Gemini’s roster.

A Legal Milestone Boosts Listing Anticipation

The recent groundbreaking court decision in the United States regarding the classification of XRP under security laws has undoubtedly contributed to the mounting excitement around its potential listing on Gemini. A federal court ruling three weeks ago declared that XRP is not a security, as reported by TimesTabloid.

Taking note of this landmark decision, Gemini took to Twitter for the first time to mention XRP and express their intentions. Gemini stated that they are exploring the possibility of listing XRP for both spot and derivatives trading, acknowledging the favorable regulatory environment surrounding the cryptocurrency.

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Although Gemini has not yet made an official announcement regarding the listing of XRP, their continued engagement with the asset on Twitter suggests a growing interest. As observed from their Twitter page, Gemini has actively shared content related to XRP since the court ruling.


Notably, despite XRP’s prominence in the market over the years, Gemini has never officially listed the digital asset until now. It appears that Gemini’s newfound interest in exploring XRP’s potential listing stems from the victory secured by Ripple in its lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It remains to be seen whether Gemini’s tweet is simply a playful pun or a subtle indication of a significant market move. As the XRP community eagerly awaits further developments, the excitement surrounding the potential listing on Gemini continues to grow.

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