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Gemini Cryptic Posts About XRP Show Something Big Is Coming

In light of Gemini’s recent interest in XRP, some members of the XRP community are pondering the likelihood of a major development. Gemini redirected its focus to XRP starting yesterday, subtly emphasizing the asset in multiple posts on X. Initially, this seemingly isolated post didn’t draw much attention.

One of Gemini’s posts read, “xcited about XRP,” capturing the XRP community’s attention. Just eight minutes later, the platform hinted that the trigger for its excitement in XRP would be arriving shortly.

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Prominent Community Members Respond

As anticipated, prominent figures within the XRP community have shared their views on what they believe the exchange might have in store for the asset since the source of this excitement remains undisclosed.

Among these individuals is Crypto Eri (@sentosumosaba), an influential figure in the XRP community. She initially pointed out recent noteworthy developments surrounding Gemini that influenced her reflection.

She highlighted Gemini’s role as the custodian for VanEck’s recently introduced spot Bitcoin ETF product. Notably, VanEck previously chose Gemini as the custodian for its VanEck Bitcoin Trust (HODL) when many issuers opted for Coinbase.

Apart from being the custodian for VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF, Gemini has recently gained approval from financial authorities in France to operate as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP).

Crypto Eri believes Gemini might be exploring the possibility of launching a joint venture in the European Union (EU), potentially paving the way for the introduction of an XRP ETF.

Prominent influencer Ashley Prosper (@AshleyPROSPER1) speculated that the platform might be considering listing XRP on its recently established French exchange business.

Gemini previously engaged in a similar pattern of posts about XRP in August, which led to the announcement of the exchange listing XRP for the first time. Ashley Prosper believes a similar series of events are currently playing out.

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Gemini Doubles Down

Gemini took things a step further, sharing a riddle and giving the community 24 hours to solve it. However, the answer to the riddle seems to be very clear. The riddle read, “In the land of giants, I’m swift and small, when I run I don’t stall. Across borders, I freely roam, in markets near and far from home. What am I?”

The line “when I run I don’t stall” most likely hints at XRP’s amazing speed, and the line about roaming across borders points to XRP’s goal as a cross-border payment currency and Ripple’s advancements in the field. In a few hours, we will see what Gemini has in store for the XRP community.

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