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Forbes Says This Sudden Bank Shift Will Trigger XRP Price Bull Run

A recent Forbes report has drawn attention to a significant development on the global cryptocurrency scene that has presented a potential turning point for XRP. This shift stems from Nigeria’s recent policy change regarding commercial banks and their engagement with crypto exchanges.

A crypto enthusiast who shared the news on X wrote, “Things are about to get really interesting in Nigeria!! What a Christmas present!” Previously subject to a 2021 ban, Nigerian banks are now permitted to service crypto exchanges, as outlined in a December 22nd circular issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

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This reversal signifies a fundamental shift in the country’s approach to cryptocurrencies, moving from restriction to inclusion, and adding Nigeria to the list of countries with clear crypto regulation.

This decision holds particular relevance for XRP due to its widespread adoption in Nigeria. Renowned for its speed and cost-efficiency, XRP has emerged as a preferred crypto solution for everyday transactions, particularly within a nation currently navigating economic challenges.

Recall that the CBN recently mentioned Ripple, the major distributor of XRP, in its 2023 Report on Digital Currencies, and XRP’s utility in facilitating remittances, cross-border payments, and secure Naira management positions XRP favorably in the evolving Nigerian financial landscape.

A Potential XRP Surge

With banks now permitted to integrate with crypto platforms, analysts anticipate a potential surge in XRP usage throughout Nigeria. Millions of crypto-savvy citizens gain direct access to XRP through trusted financial institutions, creating a fertile ground for exponential growth.

Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of Circle, the company behind USDC shared the post, writing, “This is big news.” Nigeria’s embrace of blockchain technology positions it as a global leader in digital asset adoption, paving the way for a future where cryptocurrencies are embraced as legitimate financial instruments.

Although the crypto market in the U.S. is the largest in the world, the U.S. is still trailing behind other countries in terms of crypto regulation.

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While regulatory frameworks and infrastructure development remain ongoing concerns in the U.S., the CBN’s decision undoubtedly marks a milestone for XRP and the crypto market in Nigeria.


The unique properties embedded in XRP and its popularity within the country position it to benefit significantly from this new wave of accessibility.

Sadly, the price of XRP has not shown the effects of this major development, as the token continues to hover around the $0.60 price region. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.6338, down 0.86% and with a 30.75% decrease in trading volume over the last day.

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