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First Non-Fungible Token Has Been Minted on the IOTA NFT Marketplace

As the IOTA ecosystem continues to grow into desired stature, a report has it that the first non-fungible token (NFT) has been minted on the newly launched IOTA NFT marketplace.

This new development was passed across via the official Twitter handle of the IOTA Foundation a few hours ago. According to the report, IOTA will become the go-to platform for NFT users once it’s launched on mainnet, due to its relatively zero minting fees.

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IOTA Foundation tweeted, “The first NFTs have been minted on the IOTA NFT marketplace! This marketplace is currently for testing only, but proves that our technology is the future: no transaction and minting fees will soon be the gold standard for NFTs – try it out!”

It can be recalled that Market Tabloid reported that IOTA Foundation’s active community users built an almost feeless non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, which went live on 13th July 2021 on IOTA 2.0 DevNet.

The report pointed out that the initiative is targeted at providing a truly democratized, green, decentralized infrastructure for trading tokenized assets.

How IOTA NFT Aims To Lead Others

IOTA is coming into the crypto ecosystem with almost zero minting fees, compared to a single NFT transaction on Ethereum-based marketplaces that can simply cost users relatively $200 or more. This has caused the prevention of broader adoption and development as demand for NFT increases on this platform.

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As the report has it, the IOTA NFT marketplace will also allow users to leverage the decentralized IOTA 2.0 DevNet for the first time in a broader use case. Thanks to IOTA DevNet 2.0, NFT creators and traders will not have to pay exorbitant transaction costs.

Also, IOTA’s technology is also giving room to a number of use cases. For instance, tokens can now bear a royalty function, which opens the door of gains for artists any time their works are resold.


As aforementioned, the community-built IOTA NFT marketplace is only available for testing and it promises an accessible and inclusive future for tokenized assets.

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