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Final Airdrop Batch for XRP Holders Now Available. Here’s How to Claim It

Coreum, an enterprise-grade Layer-1 blockchain, has commenced its final airdrop distribution for XRP holders.

The distribution of the fourth and last installment of the highly anticipated 50 million xCORE token (option token) airdrop, which was initially announced in March 2023, is now underway and is expected to be completed within the next two to three days.

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To be eligible for the Coreum airdrop, XRP holders must have maintained their holdings in a supported wallet at the time of the snapshot on March 24, 2023. If you meet this requirement, you can claim your airdrop by visiting the official Coreum website and following the provided instructions.

Evernode Prepares to Unveil Final Steps for XRP Holder Airdrops

Adding to the excitement, Evernode, an XRPL Layer-2 platform, has revealed that it will soon unveil the final steps for XRP Holders and Betatester airdrops.

XRP holders who have retained their holdings in a supported wallet at the time of the snapshot on July 20, 2023, will be eligible to claim the Evernode airdrop. Detailed instructions for claiming the airdrop will be made available on the official Evernode website.

Airdrop Details and Claiming Process

The Coreum airdrop is being distributed in four installments, with the final installment presently available for claiming. Similarly, the Evernode airdrop is open to XRP holders who held the cryptocurrency at the time of the snapshot on March 24, 2023.

To claim either the Coreum or Evernode airdrop, individuals need to create a wallet on the respective platform and proceed to the designated airdrop claim page. The claiming process requires the provision of an XRP address and a wallet address.

Notably, no trustline is necessary for either airdrop, and no XRP will be burned or moved during the claiming process.

It is important to note that the Evernode airdrop will only be available for claiming once XUMM adds support for cloning XRPL accounts on Xahau.

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Positive Implications for the XRP Community

The distribution of the Coreum and Evernode airdrops represents a significant development for the XRP community. These airdrops serve as a gesture of appreciation toward early supporters and contribute to the growth and development of their respective ecosystems.

Moreover, the fair and transparent distribution of these airdrops highlights the commitment of Coreum and Evernode to fostering a sustainable and inclusive community.


For XRP holders, it is highly recommended to check their wallets for eligibility to participate in these airdrops. The tokens received from these airdrops have the potential to enhance one’s portfolio, making them a valuable addition for holders.

With the final Coreum airdrop underway and the Evernode airdrop on the horizon, XRP holders have much to look forward to as they reap the rewards of their ongoing support for these innovative projects.

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