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FCA Approved Individual Speaks On Why XRP Community Deserves Credits for Exposing SEC Hypocrisy

Tipsy Tiger is a renowned XRP community member who often portrays himself as an FCA-approved individual.

In a long tweet a few days ago, Tipsy praised the XRP community for exposing the hypocrisy of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) via the current long-standing lawsuit.

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What Ensued Between The U.S. SEC and The XRP Community 

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had earlier filed a lawsuit against Ripple in December 2020. SEC claimed that Ripple had raised about $1.3bn selling XRP through unregistered security transactions.

However, XRP countered the allegations, stating that XRP is not a security. Hence, it should not be registered as such. So far, despite a prolonged case between both parties, XRP appears to be winning in the court of law.

Here’s What Tipsy Tiger Has To Say 

According to Tiger, everything regarding the unresolved issues between the U.S. SEC and the XRP community began when the exchange commission launched a legal attack on the XRP community. Going further, he commended the XRP community for their effort aimed to expose SEC’s Hypocrisy and other seemingly ethical violations in the agency.

Going further, Tiger noted no other community has come up with more evidence to strengthen the evidence against SEC than the XRP community. He also added that no one heeded the warning by XRP enthusiasts in December 2020, when the XRP community cautioned that the SEC would come for everything.

In his exact words, Tiger wrote:

“What I would like is some gratitude to the XRP community who have continually shown the SECs hypocrisy, ethics violations, over reach, collusion, cover ups, blatant disregard for the law, revolving door policy, regulation by enforcement, disregard for investor protection, & finally potential corruption.

We have collectively shown (repeatedly) more evidence of the above against the SEC than any community in the SECs history.

We warned in Dec 2020 of the SECs CLEAR intentions: “Buckle up they are coming for everything”… NO ONE LISTENED, NO ONE CARED, NO ONE DID A DAMN THING.. Oh, sorry, they did, they mocked this community whilst cheering on the SEC. Stupidity at its finest.

Now you are all fighting the good fight.. Good for you & its about time. But NEVER FORGET where most of the SECs problems started & the base of the information came from to start this swell against the SEC.

It started because the SEC attacked this community & XRP, not because of Ripple, not because of Congress, not because of Coinbase & not because of US Chamber of Commerce.

So take your “I’m glad consensus is building” and remember XRP holders have been running this marathon against the SEC for years, so don’t pat yourselves on the back for starting at the finish line.

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It’s worth noting that Tiger’s statement was triggered by Warren Davidson’s recent tweet, a former Army Ranger serving Ohio’s 8th District in Congress.

In the tweet, Davidson admonished the U.S. Congress to provide reforms that seek to eliminate chairmanship and empower the SEC.

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