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Solana Price Prediction: Will We See SOL Back Above $200 in July? Experts Say It Is Likely Rollblock Will Outperform SOL and BNB

The surprise news for many this last week was the Solana ETF filing from VanEck. This was quickly followed by another from 21Shares and a price appreciation of almost 10%. Crypto exchange Binance’s token BNB could do with similar news as the BNB price has slumped over 30% since its June highs. 

How will both legacy cryptos compare against the new crypto Rollblock? This new token is in stage 3 of its presale and is attracting plenty of interest among early, big investors. How will all three cryptos compare this cycle?

GambleFi platform Rollblock tipped for mouthwatering ROI

GambleFi platform Rollblock is attracting plenty of interest among investors and analysts as it looks to disrupt the gambling industry. Now in stage 3 of its presale and already $1M raised, analysts are predicting an 880% rise during the presale and a further 100x once the platform launches. But what is it about Rollblock that has the industry compelled?

Combining the advantages of decentralized and centralized gaming, Rollblock offers a unique experience for its users. Bringing the world’s first community-backed casino and Play-to-Earn token, the platform becomes a rewarding ecosystem for investors and users.

The platform is underpinned by the $RBLK token, which is the primary medium of exchange for all utilities across the platform. This integration ensures engagement for the platform, which benefits both players and investors.

One of Rolblock’s unique selling propositions is its revenue sharing. As a community-backed casino, the platform allows token holders to earn a share of the casino’s revenues. There’s also a buyback and burn mechanism, which involves repurchasing tokens from the market and burning them which many early investors believe will have a positive effect on the price. 

Solana ETF filing pushes the SOL price to local highs

Solana (SOL) has been a leader in the crypto space for the last 12 months, and in a surprising move, ETF issuer VanEck filed for a Solana ETF with the SEC. With the Biden administration seemingly easing its authoritarian grip on the space, it’s now likely to be approved, and the SOL price shot up 10% after the news spread.

Can SOL finally reach $200? Well, it’s still very early in this bull cycle, and with Solana’s unique architecture making it one of the fastest blockchain networks, development is now matching that of Ethereum.

A robust ecosystem, ongoing innovation, and of course a potential Solana ETF, positions SOL as a strong contender among big-cap coins. Yet, it won’t offer incredible gains, as new and small cap cryptos usually do, but for anyone wanting stability, it will surely smash $200 this cycle. 

The BNB price is down 30% from yearly highs

The BNB price has been disappointing since its recent highs in June. Down 30%, but still up over 100% in the last 12 months, Binance’s token BNB has been one of the surprising movers.

Initially launched to allow trading fee discounts on the Binance exchange, BNB‘s utility has expanded, and now facilitates transaction fees, allows for participating in token sales, and much more more.

This price movement, despite the scandal Binance has gone through, has been impressive. Can it continue, well it’s still early and the worst of the news is over.



We are early in the bull cycle, and all three cryptos should continue to do well. With the Solana ETF news, there should be no doubt SOL will smash through $200, even if not right now. BNB has weathered a storm and has performed well, but for anyone wanting the biggest returns, it’s a new crypto that will lead the way. Rollblocks is attracting a lot of attention, and with the presale only in stage 3, the big returns are still to be had.

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