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Expert Says it’s Wisdom to Buy XRP Now Before Institutions Take Over

Although XRP has been trading around $0.5 for longer than most investors would’ve liked, Wall Street veteran Linda P. Jones and crypto commentator James Jay believe there’s a reason for optimism. Their viewpoints highlight the potential for a significant price increase driven by the entry of institutional investors.

James Jay suggested in a recent video that similar to Bitcoin, large institutions might be waiting for a specific price point before entering the XRP market. Jones replied to Jay’s post, agreeing with his belief.

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Jay cites the example of MicroStrategy, a company that began investing heavily in Bitcoin only after its value surpassed $20,000. This strategy reflects a risk-averse approach, where institutions prioritize established assets with a proven track record.

XRP’s Validation Point

Drawing a parallel with Bitcoin, Jay proposes that institutions might wait for XRP to reach a similar validation point, potentially around $100. At this price level, institutions might feel more confident about the long-term viability of XRP and its ability to maintain its value. This, in turn, could trigger significant buying pressure, driving the price even higher.

What Can XRP Holders Do?

While the current price of XRP might seem discouraging to some investors, Jay urges patience.  He points out that unlike Bitcoin, which took roughly a decade to gain mainstream institutional adoption, XRP’s underperformance has only spanned six years. This suggests a potentially shorter waiting period for XRP holders.

Jay emphasizes the potential for a fear of missing out (FOMO) to set in if institutional investors begin accumulating XRP. This could lead to a surge in buying activity from retail investors eager to capitalize on the rising price.

Investors who miss out on entry before the institutional wave might experience regret, even if they manage to sell XRP at a profit later. Whales are already flooding the market and it’s only a matter of time before institutional investors begin trooping in.

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XRP’s Underlying Potential

Beyond the anticipated institutional interest, the long-term outlook for XRP appears promising. Further research by investors into XRP’s technology and its role in facilitating cross-border transactions could provide valuable insights into its future potential.


While the possibility of a significant price increase for XRP is enticing, one prominent analyst has charted a tumultuous path. The analyst recently predicted a minor dip for XRP before a massive record-breaking rally.

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