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Expert Explains Reasons Behind XRP Poor Performance Since 2017

Despite the numerous promises about XRP revolutionizing global finance and cross-border payments, the asset has left investors puzzled because of its lackluster performance.

While Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and others soared to new heights, XRP has languished, failing to reclaim its all-time high since its 2017 rally which pushed it to $3.84 in January 2018.

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This poor performance has raised concerns within the community, and WrathofKahneman (@WKahneman), a prominent XRP figure, recently shed light on the potential reasons behind this underperformance, sparking a necessary discussion.

XRP’s Poor Performance

XRP’s Poor performance was also recently highlighted by the prominent lawyer Bill Morgan. He showed that it was trading around the same price as five years ago.

Despite legal clarity and a mild rebound in 2023, XRP’s price remains significantly lower than its all-time high. While XRP’s price of $0.621 offers some hope compared to its price of $0.3 in 2022, it pales in comparison to other top cryptocurrencies.

So, what’s holding XRP back? Kahneman suggests several key factors:

1. Reputation: Kahneman highlighted a concerted effort in 2017 to spread negative propaganda, which labeled XRP as a “centralized banker’s coin,” damaging its image and making it less appealing compared to community-driven, decentralized alternatives.

2. Legal Uncertainty: He also drew attention to the ongoing U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple, alleging unregistered securities offerings, which has cast a long shadow of uncertainty. While Ripple’s consecutive victories over the SEC have provided some relief, the case remains unresolved, keeping investors on edge.

3. Lack of Speculative Appeal: Unlike some coins brimming with features like smart contracts, XRP’s focus on utility hasn’t always grabbed the attention of speculative investors seeking quick gains. While the upcoming introduction of Hooks promises to bridge this gap, it has yet to materialize.

4. Limited Developer Adoption: Despite XRP’s potential for institutional adoption, the developer community surrounding it hasn’t reached the heights of other platforms. This lack of a vibrant development ecosystem further contributes to XRP’s muted performance.

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However, amid these challenges, XRP has stayed resilient. Kahneman argues that its continued existence proves its inherent utility and value proposition. XRP’s core function of facilitating frictionless cross-border payments remains as relevant as ever, and its underlying technology is robust and proven.

Kahneman’s analysis serves as a call to action for the XRP community. By acknowledging the challenges and working towards solutions, XRP can move beyond its current stagnation. Some experts believe that if XRP can become a bridge for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), it could reach $10,000.

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