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Expert Chartist Spots XRP Area of Interests, Says “Just Be Able to Buy the Dip”

In recent weeks, the value of XRP, a prominent cryptocurrency, has seen a continuous descent from its peak of $0.9380 on July 13. However, seasoned analysts suggest that this downward trend presents a golden buying opportunity for investors looking to enter the market.

Market Analysis Points to an Area of Interest

Renowned crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe has identified a significant entry point for XRP on the weekly chart. After observing subsequent declines in the asset following his initial analysis, van de Poppe believes that XRP is now entering the highlighted area of interest, bringing potential advantages for those seeking to buy the dip.

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Van de Poppe had earlier identified two crucial reasons for XRP’s ongoing drop from the $0.9380 peak. Firstly, investors who had been holding XRP for over a year, hoping for a profitable turnaround, took advantage of the recent surge in prices to exit their positions.

Secondly, there has been a lack of confidence among potential market participants, adding to the downward pressure on XRP’s value.

 XRP Approaches the Area of Interest

Since the initial disclosure, XRP has continued to experience a decline, hitting a low of $0.61. Van de Poppe has provided a follow-up analysis, confirming that XRP is now edging closer to the area of interest, which he had previously highlighted as a key entry point.

This assertion aligns with recent market movements as XRP briefly fell below the $0.60 mark for the first time since July 13, only to recover and reclaim the $0.61 territory, indicating its proximity to the designated area of interest.

Further Insight By Another Expert

Adding to the analysis, prominent expert Cypress Demanincor took to Twitter to provide further insights into the potential trajectory of XRP. Demanincor suggests that XRP currently finds itself in a critical position.

The analyst highlighted that the turning point for the recent surge in XRP’s price can be traced to July 12, when the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) report revealed figures that were below market expectations. He noted that this unexpected data set the stage for XRP’s ascent to new yearly highs. Additionally, he said the Ripple vs. SEC case also played a major role in the XRP bullish display of July 13, which resulted in a peak of $0.9380.

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Volatility Ahead

Demanincor warns that XRP is currently entering a discounted range and emphasizes the importance of the cryptocurrency holding above the $0.45 mark. Furthermore, market participants should prepare for potential volatility on Thursday as the latest US CPI numbers are set to be released. If the CPI reading is softer than anticipated, it could provide support for the overall crypto market.


Conversely, an inflationary report may push the Federal Reserve to consider interest rate hikes, potentially strengthening the US dollar and thereby affecting the cryptocurrency landscape, including XRP’s future direction.

As of press time, XRP is trading at $0.6409, representing a modest 4% increase in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

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