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Ex-Banker Explains Why This Bull Run Will Be a Special One for XRP

In a recent tweet, Kyren, a seasoned financial expert with a banking background, expressed unwavering optimism about the upcoming bull run for XRP, the 5th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Kyren’s confidence stems from the significant developments that have transferred since the last market cycle, setting the stage for XRP’s potential to outshine its previous performance.

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A Special Bull Run for XRP

Kyren firmly believes that “this bull run will be a special one for XRP” due to the transformative changes that have unfolded since the last market cycle.

During that period, XRP faced significant hurdles, primarily the SEC lawsuit against Ripple, which cast a shadow of uncertainty over its prospects and limited its ability to emulate the gains witnessed by other cryptocurrencies.

Ripple’s Legal Victories: A Game Changer

Kyren highlights Ripple’s recent legal victories as a turning point. A U.S. federal court ruling declaring XRP a non-security asset has significantly strengthened XRP’s position for the upcoming bull run. Ripple’s subsequent successes against the SEC have further solidified its legal standing, instilling confidence in the asset’s future.

Exchange Reinstatement: A Sign of Confidence

Another positive sign for XRP is the reinstatement of support by prominent US-based exchanges, including Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini. These exchanges, which previously suspended XRP trading due to the SEC lawsuit, have reversed their decisions.

This reinstatement reflects renewed confidence in XRP’s prospects. This indicates an evolving regulatory environment.

The ex-banker acknowledges Uphold, a crypto exchange that remained steadfast in its support for XRP throughout the challenging period. Uphold’s unwavering commitment to XRP during the legal hurdles demonstrates its confidence in the asset’s underlying potential.

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CBDC Momentum: Fueling XRP’s Rise

Kyren also highlights the momentum of developing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as a catalyst for XRP’s ascent. Ripple’s strategic partnerships with countries such as Palau, Bhutan, Georgia, Hong Kong, and Montenegro showcase XRP’s growing recognition as a suitable asset for CBDC infrastructure.


Anticipation of a Bull Run

Considering XRP’s impressive performance during the previous bull run, Kyren believes another significant rally is on the horizon. With the legal uncertainties resolved, exchanges reinstating support, and CBDC adoption gaining traction, XRP is positioned to reclaim its position as a leading cryptocurrency.

Kyren’s astute analysis and unwavering optimism paint a compelling picture of XRP’s potential for an exceptional run in the upcoming bull market.

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