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Evernode Releases Update About Airdrop Distribution To XRP Holders

The Evers airdrop, targeting XRP holders and designed to incentivize participation in the Xahau network, has concluded its registration phase.

While the total number of registered addresses and qualifying XRP remains significant, it’s crucial to delve deeper to understand the true impact and potential implications of this airdrop.

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Engagement and Participation

With over 38,000 addresses participating out of a vast pool of 432 million qualifying addresses, the Evers airdrop has demonstrably engaged a sizable segment of the XRP community. This engagement is crucial for bootstrapping the Xahau network and attracting early adopters, ultimately contributing to its growth and development.

The airdrop snapshot captured a specific moment in time, focusing on XRP held outside of two major exchanges. This decision highlights Evernode’s intention to incentivize direct participation in the XRP Ledger and within the Xahau ecosystem.

While the overall participation numbers are encouraging, further analysis is necessary to understand the geographic distribution and activity level of these addresses.

Anticipation and Uncertainty

With registration complete, the focus shifts towards the airdrop itself. Evernode’s proposed timeline outlines the collation of addresses, calculation of individual allocations, and programming of the airdrop hook. This process, coupled with the anticipated release of the Xumm Wallet update for Xahau, creates a sense of anticipation within the community.

However, uncertainty remains regarding the process for users on the two participating exchanges. Although Evernode has assured separate distribution mechanisms, the specifics are yet to be revealed. This lack of transparency could potentially dampen enthusiasm amongst these users.

As Evernode emphasizes, the Xumm Wallet remains the only tool capable of claiming the Evers airdrop. This dependence on a single wallet due to its Xahau compatibility could potentially exclude users unfamiliar with the platform or those who prefer alternative solutions.

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Long-Term Implications and Community Engagement

While the airdrop serves as a significant initial step, the long-term success of Evernode and Xahau will depend on their ability to attract and retain users beyond the initial buzz.

Building a robust ecosystem with diverse applications and value-adding features will be crucial for driving sustainable growth and solidifying the project’s place within the XRP ecosystem.


The Evers airdrop represents a noteworthy initiative by Evernode to engage the XRP community and promote the adoption of the Xahau network. While the initial engagement is promising, further analysis and transparency are necessary to ensure inclusive participation and address potential concerns.

Ultimately, the success of this project will hinge on its ability to deliver tangible value and build a thriving ecosystem that benefits both Evernode and the XRP community.

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