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Ethereum’s Vitalik Explains Benefits of Zero-Knowledge Rollups (zk-rollups) after Polygon Rolls Out zkEVM

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), has recently explained the benefits of Zero-Knowledge Rollups following the launch of zkEVM by Polygon network.

In a recent interview, Vitalik pointed out that the most crucial benefit of zero-knowledge rollups (zk-rollups) is its ability to boost users’ experience in terms of speed of deposit and withdrawal of assets.

According to the top developer, the fact that the zk-rollups protocol requires users to submit blocks with proof enables it to eliminate the wait time deposit and withdraw assets, which is not the same as Optimistic-rollups.

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Also, Vitalik stressed that zk-rollups are more secure than Optimistic-rollups. He said, “zk-rollups lower security risk even if the rollup has a very high capacity.”

He said it’s possible to complete an invalid transaction in Optimistic-rollups, a con act that cannot happen with the zk-rollups protocol.

Vitalik Buterin noted, “zkEVMs will make lots of things more amazing at L1 and L2.”

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Vitalik’s comments came after Polygon, an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling platform, launched a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, simply known as zkEVM. It’s also known as Ethereum’s first Layer-2 zero-knowledge scaling solution.

In an announcement on the 20th of July 2022, Polygon wrote, “We are proud to announce a giant leap forward for Ethereum scaling and ZK innovation. Introducing Polygon zkEVM, the first EVM-equivalent ZK L2. Today we’re releasing a complete implementation, fully open-source, and we’re just getting started.

“We all know that Ethereum needs to scale, but won’t that mean sacrificing security and decentralization? Not with Polygon zkEVM. It inherits the security of Ethereum while increasing throughput and radically reducing fees. The best part? It’s fully EVM-equivalent.


Regarding the first-of-its-kind achievement, Polygon stated,Many believed that a zkEVM was years away or not practical or competitive. No one believed in us, but Polygon did.”

According to the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, zkEVM is designed to be compatible with the existing smart contracts, wallets, and developers’ tools. It also stated that the solution is similar to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the platform that enables developers to build Ethereum-based decentralized applications (DApps).

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