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Elon Musk’s Recent Tweet Sparks Speculation Among XRP and Dogecoin Armies

Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, continues to spark conversation within the cryptocurrency sphere.

A recent tweet stating, “The most entertaining outcome — as if we’re in a soap opera — is the most likely,” has stirred speculation among the XRP Army and Dogecoin supporters. This statement holds particular significance as Musk has used similar phrases in the past when discussing Dogecoin (DOGE).

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Musk’s History With Dogecoin (DOGE)

Musk’s long history as an advocate of Dogecoin is well-documented. In a 2021 Clubhouse session, he stated, “Fate loves irony. The most entertaining outcome is often the most likely and arguably the most entertaining outcome and the most ironic outcome would be that Dogecoin becomes the currency of Earth in the future.”

While the latest tweet did not explicitly mention cryptocurrencies, followers quickly drew connections to Musk’s previous sentiments. Speculation arose that he may have been hinting at future developments for Dogecoin (DOGE) or even other meme-inspired cryptocurrencies.

This possibility comes at a time when Dogecoin’s price demonstrated volatility in response to Musk’s confirmation of potentially accepting DOGE for Tesla cars.

Current Market Sentiment

A strong inflation report triggered a recent dip in the cryptocurrency market, scaring investors and causing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to decline. However, Dogecoin and XRP are defying the broader trend, currently showing gains of 6.87% and 1.94% respectively.

Despite experiencing declines earlier in the week, CoinMarketCap’s data reveal that XRP and Dogecoin are currently trading at the price of $0.619 and $0.1546 respectively.

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XRP Army and Dogecoin Users React

The reaction within the XRP Army and Dogecoin community highlights the continued influence Musk holds over the cryptocurrency landscape.


XRP community member “XRP Cryptowolf” responded, “This is exactly why meme coins are going parabolic,” underscoring the bullish sentiment within the meme-coin ecosystem. Mr. BIG WHALE, a Dogecoin supporter responding to Musk’s tweet, declared Dogecoin the “King of Memecoin,” he also advised people to buy and hold the token.

Whether Musk intended to ignite discussion within the cryptocurrency space remains unclear. However, his track record of playful social media engagement and history as a market mover suggests the tweet may have greater implications for the future of Dogecoin and other lighthearted cryptocurrencies.

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