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DTX Exchange (DTX) Gaining Ground On Avalanche (AVAX) and Dogecoin (DOGE), Here’s Why

Avalanche and Dogecoin both offer valuable lessons to new projects, in terms of first-mover advantage, and the importance of continually innovating in crypto.

DTX exchange seems to have learned both of these lessons and is already up by 500% over the bi-weekly timeframe.

The exciting thing here is that they are a new project which means that there is much more money to be made than from a high-cap coin like Doge or Avax.

Read on to find out the best of all these projects and what the DTX presale is bringing to the table.

Avalanche’s subnets attract devs and users

Avalanche is a blockchain well-positioned for institutional usage, with its fast speeds and well-developed code base. But with Layer 2 solutions such as Base, Arbitrum, and Optimism – what does Avalanche have to offer that they don’t?

Surprisingly, Avalanche has become well known for its games, and how easy they are to start playing.

Another thing keeping developers hooked on Avalanche is their use of subnets. Subnets are essentially EVM permissionless blockchains that can run in parallel with the main Avalanche network.

This makes them speedy, scalable, customizable, and interoperable with subnets outside of Avalanche. And so this is one of the reasons there are so many good games on Avalanche.

But more excitingly it’s the kind of technological progress we need to see from bullish blockchain projects.

Dogecoin shows signs of movement – but not much.

Dogecoin is the godfather of memecoins – without it, crypto wouldn’t be the same.

But as most people deep in the crypto space know, Dgoecoin seems like a dead project and Doge’s price action is unimpressive.

That said, after many years of no development, we can now see that a couple of months ago there were some code commits in their Github.

And things do finally seem to be moving for Dogecoin since we see that Kraken has launched an AUSD/DOGE coin pair. A few days after that, on-chain analytics provider Santiment showed that there have been over 150 $1 million coin transfers made in DOGE.

Is this a sign that institutional interest is coming to Dogecoin? Could they be anticipating retail re-entry into dogecoin, pushing the coin back into the $0.70 as we saw in the previous bull run? Or are there shenanigans at play? Time will tell.

The Ordinals protocol which inscribes NFTs on actual units of crypto, has been active on Dogecoin for some time now (Doginals), but has so far failed to make a significant shift in the price or gain mainstream adoption.

DTX exchange is bringing new functionality to crypto

Dogecoin shows us the power of being first, while Avalanche demonstrates the power of continuing to develop your tech as the industry changes.

DTX exchange does both of those.

How? By being the first decentralized exchange that allows people to trade forex, stocks, bonds, and shares on the blockchain. They offer over 120 different financial products which means that whether you’re shorting the dollar or bullish on Nvidia, you can find what you need.

And the best bit? For leveraged traders, 1000x is offered on certain key asset classes.

High-volume traders will benefit from low fees and other things such as weekly bonuses and rakebacks, while newer traders will benefit from the easy-to-use UI.


Since DTX is in presale, it is much easier to make a bigger profit from its potential, than well-established projects like Dogecoin and Avalanche.

Given that DTX is currently changing hands for $0.04 and is set to launch at $0.12, that’s a 200% increase from here. Then factor in that some experts are predicting a 10,000% increase from the inital price after CEX and DEX coin listings and the progression of the road map.

This means that a small to medium-sized investment now is likely to greatly outperform Avax and Doge, who are up by just 179% and 141% on the yearly.

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