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Dive into the future of crypto: Secure your license in Poland with Fintech Harbor

Poland is a particularly interesting country for those working with cryptocurrencies, as it has introduced a new loyal policy on the regulation of virtual assets and also attracts a favorable tax system.

What is a cryptographic license, and why is it needed?

Poland offers investors entry into the state register of companies specializing in virtual business. Therefore, the crypto license Poland is correctly called “crypto authorization.” It allows you to engage in the following activities:

  • Intermediary in exchange;
  • Exchange between fiat money and virtual currencies (BTC for USD or EUR for BTC);
  • Accounting;
  • Exchange between virtual currencies.

Advantages of a cryptocurrency license in Poland

Today, this jurisdiction is actively developing as a crypto hub, offering interesting legal solutions for businesses, and Fintech Harbor helps to realize them quickly and effortlessly. Poland shows a surprisingly loyal attitude towards cryptocurrency companies and has many advantages for them.

  1. Fast and fairly easy business registration procedure that does not require physical presence.
  2. Low cost of obtaining a license compared to other European countries.
  3. Entry into the European economic area.
  4. A large selection of banks for opening a corporate account.
  5. Low requirements for the size of the authorized capital.
  6. There are preferential tax rates for businesses based on virtual assets.
  7. No restrictions on the citizenship of company owners.

How can Fintech Harbor help to obtain a license in Poland?

For any business activity, it is important to have legal support. Fintech Harbor will help you with the following steps.

  1. Registration of a company in Poland, as this is the firm that will have the permit to hold a license.
  2. Obtaining a Pesel and ePUAP.
  3. Organizing information about the company’s managers and employees. Particular attention should be paid to its owners.
  4. Opening an account in a local bank.
  5. Preparation of all necessary documents, including application for VASP authorization and preparation of AML policies.
  6. Entering information about the company in the Polish registers.
  7. Preparation of documents confirming the official origin of funds.
  8. Authorization by the Polish Tax Office and, accordingly, payment of taxes.

Most often, the entire package of documents is reviewed within 30 days. After that, the company receives a license.


Poland attracts new ways of registering online companies, paying taxes, and obtaining documents. The country is open to new businesses and demonstrates sustainable economic development. Therefore, the registration of a cryptocurrency license in this country has many advantages, which Fintech Harbor will help you to obtain quickly.

Solomon Odunayo
Solomon Odunayo
Solomon is a trader, crypto enthusiast, and analyst with over four years of experience in the industry. He strongly believes that crypto assets and the blockchain will continue to gain prominence. At, he focuses on news, articles with deep analysis of blockchain projects, and technical analysis of crypto trading pairs.

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