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Deaton Reallocates Portfolio to Favor XRP, Citing Projected $290T in Cross-Border Payments Market by 2030

Prominent crypto lawyer and XRP enthusiast John Deaton has made a significant change in his cryptocurrency portfolio. Breaking away from his previous inclination towards Ethereum (ETH), Deaton has now shifted his investment focus to XRP, allocating a larger portion of his holdings to the digital asset designed for cross-border payment.

This decision is driven by his strong belief in the long-term potential of XRP and ability to disrupt the global payments landscape.

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Deaton’s Momentous Shift in Investment Choice

Once favoring Bitcoin and Ethereum, Deaton has now redirected his attention towards XRP, increasing his holdings in the digital asset. This strategic move is underpinned by Deaton’s unwavering conviction in the long-term prospects of XRP, despite the prevailing market sentiment.

XRP vs. Ethereum: A Paradigm Shift in Deaton’s Portfolio Allocation

Deaton’s decision to prioritize XRP over Ethereum marks a significant departure from conventional wisdom within the crypto realm.

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has long been hailed as a leader in the smart contracts space. However, Deaton’s conviction in XRP’s potential to revolutionize cross-border payments has prompted him to reallocate his investments.

XRP: The Chosen Contender in Cross-Border Payments

Deaton’s unwavering belief in XRP’s potential stems from its suitability for cross-border payments. He cites the staggering volume of cross-border transactions, which exceeded $2.8 trillion in 2021 alone, as evidence of the immense opportunity for disruption and innovation in this market.

XRP’s speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal solution for facilitating seamless cross-border transactions, with settlement times measured in seconds and transaction fees significantly lower than traditional methods.

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XRP’s Long-Term Value Appreciation: Deaton’s Optimistic Outlook

Deaton envisions a bright future for XRP, as the cross-border payments market is projected to reach a staggering $290 trillion by 2030. He firmly believes that XRP has the potential to capture a significant share of this market, despite its current lethargic growth.

While Deaton does not align himself with the most overly optimistic price predictions for XRP, his optimism about its long-term prospects remains steadfast.


Deaton’s Bold Investment Strategy: Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Deaton’s investment strategy, which defies conventional wisdom, is a bold and calculated move. By prioritizing XRP over Ethereum, he is betting on the digital asset’s ability to capitalize on the growth of the cross-border payments market.

Additionally, Deaton maintains unwavering confidence that XRP will emerge victorious from the ongoing legal battle with the SEC, further bolstering its prospects in the eyes of investors.

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