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Crypto enthusiasts believe Persystic (PSYS) can achieve millions like top coin Solana (SOL) soon

As new cryptocurrencies enter the market daily, it remains to be seen whether they have what it takes to become very useful to investors. Among the new coins that have recently entered the market, Persystic (PSYS) is a favorite for many investors. Many already say it will be as big as Solana (SOL).

Persystic (PSYS)

Persystic (PSYS) is a fantastic new cryptocurrency that’s just graced the market. It aims to employ the use of the social network, which is open source and decentralized in a bid to bring businesses and individuals together. The aim here is to ensure value is given to all content that was well created, thus giving its creator the confidence to do more while displaying their services to an interested general public.

Persystic (PSYS) aims to create unique communication between influencers, celebs, and their favoured networks. All of this is aimed at bringing about growth and genuine empowerment. You can call the Persystic (PSYS) platform a place you go to see your dreams and wants come to pass.

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The crypto is looking to live up to its mantra, “one minute is enough”. This it does by making sure you can do anything imagined there.

Ultimately, Persystic (PSYS) is looking to expand access to various social media networks, so that different content providers and consumers can have access to increased business opportunities and wealth generation.

Persystic (PSYS) boasts of numerous advantages of using a social media network that is powered by blockchain, and that advantage includes

  1. Giving creators the right of ownership
  2. Rewarding creators so they can create more.
  3. Implement a content production and consumption system set to limit negative/fake news.
  4. An information sharing means involving only two people.
  5. Availability of high-standard content using blockchain-based verification and authentication.

According to its whitepaper, Persystic (PSYS) will be BSC compatible, with its token being a BEP-20 token. Ultimately, this token will be the main unit of the Persystic (PSYS) network.

Users can purchase or trade the native token on popular exchanges. It’s important to note that Persystic (PSYS) currently has the potential to become a highly decentralized, social media platform because of the BEP-20 standard it’s keeping.

Impressively, it can also be accessed by ERC-20 platforms, meaning they can get tokens without hassle. Like every emerging crypto, there’s a reward system for early investors who are set to get a 100% bonus on deposits depending on how much they buy. If you’re searching for the best time to buy this coin.

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Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is a top-rated coin that’s been doing a great job with scalability and speed. Moreover, SOL completes all transactions at significantly reduced fees. Being an open-source project, Solana (SOL) plans to unite different tasks in a user-friendly setting.


Solana (SOL) is easily adopted ad praised by crypto enthusiasts because of its impressive offers in the world of dApps.

Most of Solana’s (SOL) success is because it’s permissionless. It’s easy for many projects all around the crypto world to choose Solana (SOL) because of its ease of access and low gas fees.

It’s also important to note that Solana (SOL) has a unique ecosystem that is quite convenient for DAOs, NFTs, and others. In addition, its new Metaplex feature is also something many creators and developers look forward to using.

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