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Citing Utility, Wells Fargo Staff Predicts XRP to Reach $100 to $500 in Next 7 Months

A Wells Fargo employee has predicted that XRP could reach a price range of $100 to $500 in the next two to seven months. Shannon Thorp, a Business Support Manager at Wells Fargo, made the prediction in a long tweet on the 30th of July.

Thorp wrote, “…my price prediction is anywhere from $100 – $500 near short term (4 -7 months) why? It all boils down to LS if XRP is $100 at a supply of say only 50B that makes an LS of $5T and at $500 that gives us an LS of $25T.”

In the tweet, she argued that traditional security valuation models are not appropriate for XRP, as it is not a security. Instead, she said that XRP’s value should be based on its utility and real-world applications.

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What Would Drive this Whopping XRP Price?

Thorp pointed out that XRP can handle twice as many messages as SWIFT, the current leading cross-border payments network. She also noted that XRP’s settlement time is much faster than SWIFT’s, making it a more efficient option for cross-border payments.

To illustrate the potential value of XRP, Thorp conducted a liquidity strength calculation. She assumed that there could be around 50 to 75 billion XRP in circulation at any given time and that this amount would be spread across 300 to 1000 different banks, liquidity providers, and governments. She found that even with this relatively small amount of XRP in circulation, the liquidity strength per bank or liquidity provider would be significant.

For example, if there were 75 billion XRP in circulation and it was spread across 1000 banks, each bank would have a liquidity strength of roughly $75 million. This means that each bank would be able to process a significant amount of XRP transactions without having to worry about running out of liquidity.

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Thorp then argued that if XRP were to capture even a small percentage of the cross-border payments market, its price would need to be much higher than it is today. She said that a 10% market share would require a price of at least $100 and that a 50% market share would require a price of at least $500.


Thorp’s prediction is based on a number of assumptions, and it is impossible to say for sure whether or not it will come true. However, her analysis provides a new perspective on XRP’s potential value, and it is worth considering if you are thinking about investing in the cryptocurrency.

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