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Charles Hoskinson: Lots of New Technologies Will Be rolled out on Cardano in the Next 3 to 9 Months

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), who created Cardano (ADA) blockchain, has addressed FUD regarding the upcoming Cardano’s integration of PAB (Plutus Application backend).

Hoskinson went on air from Africa to update the community on Cardano’s current pan-African tour.

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Charles Hoskinson’s Dinner with Retail Giant ShopRite CEO

The latest update covers the outcome of multiple meetings, including a dinner with the CEO of the retail giant ShopRite and the company’s innovation team.

Cardano founder tagged the long trip around African countries as a “pan-African tour.” The tour started in Cape Town South Africa and will continue to other regions such as Zanzibar, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia and end up in Egypt.

IOG CEO said he has three heads of state to meet in the course of his tour, including a number of other scheduled meetings.

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New Technologies Will Be Rolled Out on Cardano Blockchain

During the brief update, Charles Hoskinson also addressed FUD in relation to Cardano’s coming integration of PAB (Plutus Application backend), a small upgrade to Cardano slated to play out in late October, which may appear in early November 2021.

PAB is one of the tools offered by the platform after the implementation of Alonzo hard fork on 12th September. This tool helps developers building on Cardano to use smart contracts.

As further explained, PAB is an off-chain, backend service for managing and handling the requirements of the application instance throughout its existence.

According to Hoskinson, there are lots of usual FUD regarding Cardano’s blockchain scalability and transaction per second.

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Hoskinson said Cardano is making progress as expected and developers are getting along, adding that the Cardano ecosystem is currently strong and secure.

To the community and those spreading FUD, he said there are lots of commercial products being prepared on Cardano, adding that new technologies will be rolled out on the blockchain in the next three to nine months.

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