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Analysts Wax Lyrical About Future Potential of AVAX and Chainlink (LINK) But Bigger Bet For This Cycle Is Rollblock (RBLK)

Avalanche and Chainlink are two crypto behemoths with great utility and large market caps, solidifying their position as some of the most well-regarded in the cryptocurrency space. While both are likely to increase in value for the ever-closer bull run following July’s mini-crash, crypto analysts are predicting that Play-To-Earn DeFi gaming gems like Rollblock are significantly more likely to garner the necessary hype to net new investors the 100-1000x profits they’re seeking.

In 2024, Rollblock (RBLK) presents an exceptional investment opportunity set for explosive growth. Featuring a robust casino platform on the Ethereum blockchain, Rollblock seamlessly blends decentralized and centralized gaming. With growing interest and momentum, analysts expect Rollblock to achieve potential returns exceeding 100x in the coming weeks.

Avalanche’s Underwhelming Q2 Likely To Continue In Q3 During Period Of Market Volatility

Avalanche experienced a less-than-favorable Q2 this year, with Avalanche seldom experiencing a semblance of growth in some areas.

Notably, Avalanche’s NFT market diminished by over 90% from 2023’s levels, and Avalanche has registered a 30% year-on-year drop in daily transactions.

It remains to be seen whether Avalanche can recover from what appears to be temporary bearish momentum. As investors ponder upon this reality, many are considering selling their Avalanche holdings for more lucrative projects like Rollblock. 

Chainlink Down In July Despite Retaining Stability Throughout 2024

Chainlink is down nearly 20% in one month amid Bitcoin’s dump below $58,000, despite Chainlink’s relative stability in 2024. Given the market’s state, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern for Chainlink investors.

Additionally, upon Chainlink’s small dip, whales have been actively accumulating Chainlink, acquiring exactly 6.2 million LINK following a 10% dip. This reflects the market’s desire for cryptocurrencies with timeless innovative technology such as Rollblock and Chainlink.

Rollblock Raises $1 Million

Rollblock (RBLK) presents a pioneering Play-to-Earn GambleFi token that seamlessly blends centralized and decentralized gaming, leveraging the best features of both to provide a well-rounded gaming experience for a wide audience.

Rollblock operates as a non-mandatory KYC casino, allowing users to join easily by connecting their wallet or signing up with an email. This significantly lowers entry barriers and enhances privacy— a feature particularly attractive to those who prioritize anonymity.

Rollblock’s Play-to-Earn mechanism is a significant factor in the platform’s surging hype and popularity. By enabling users to earn RBLK tokens through gameplay, Rollblock encourages active participation on the platform. 

This innovative model enhances the gaming experience and offers tangible financial rewards, drawing in both gamers and investors. The Play-to-Earn approach creates an exhilarating ecosystem where users are incentivized to spend more time on the platform, boosting the demand for RBLK tokens, which increases while simultaneously increasing the value.

Rollblock’s strategic alliances with industry leaders in gaming, blockchain, and finance are key to the platform’s fast expansion. These partnerships enable the integration of advanced technologies and a varied amount of different games, improving user experience and attracting a larger audience. The increased demand for RBLK tokens stems from these improvements. Additionally, Rollblock actively uses user polls to collect feedback, ensuring that platform updates reflect the community’s needs. This dynamic approach positions Rollblock as a leader in the GambleFi sector, appealing to both investors and gamers.

The platform features a user-friendly interface designed for easy navigation. Users can access the platform without inconvenient downloads or installations, enabling them to browse games, manage accounts, and conduct transactions smoothly, enhancing the overall user experience.

Rollblock also introduces a unique revenue-sharing model. Up to 30% of the casino’s weekly profits are allocated to buying back $RBLK tokens from the open market. Half of these tokens are then burned to reduce supply and increase value, while the remaining half is distributed as staking rewards to token holders.

The rapid sale of over 120 million tokens in just one month during stage 3 of the presale highlights strong market interest. With the token currently trading at $0.0154, and a fixed supply of 1 billion RBLK with 60% reserved for the presale, analysts predict an over 800% increase in value before the presale ends. Thousands of investors have already joined what is being hailed as the biggest presale of 2024, with early adopters already seeing 54% returns.


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