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Chainlink Killer DeFi Project Grows 200% Since Announcing Giveaway, Token Priced at Just $0.08 as LINK Price Dips

The crypto market has recently experienced a setback, with major tokens such as Chainlink (LINK) falling by almost 10% over the past seven days. However, one decentralized finance (DeFi) project, Algotech (ALGT), commonly known as “Chainlink Killer,” is posting tremendous growth among these market challenges. Algotech has recorded an activity increase of 200% since its announcement of a giveaway promotion amounting to $250000, and this can be seen through the token price for ALGT, currently priced at $0.08.

From institutional investors to individuals, everyone is rushing to participate in this audacious DeFi newcomer. Algotech is being talked about as a behemoth in development through progressive technologies and automation, promising it will become the future of algorithmic crypto trading. So what exactly spurs this meteoric climb, and does it even stand as a legitimate contender against industry mainstay Chainlink?

Chainlink’s Struggle And The Shifting Tides

One cannot underestimate the significance of Algotech’s meteoric rise at this time when Chainlink is facing an extended bearish trend. According to CoinMaretcap, LINK has decreased by 19% within the last 30 days and hit a weekly low of $17.52 despite its pivotal role in enabling safe data transmission between blockchains and off-chain systems.

Chainlink may have a bright future, but recent travails like these have opened floodgates for novel projects like Algotech to conquer market share and mindshare. This is because Algotech provides a comprehensive automated trading system particularly built for this era of DeFi and, therefore, has positioned itself quite well to cater to traders who are interested in next-generation trading tools.

DeFi Platform Algotech Gains Attention With AI Features 

Algotech is a decentralized algorithmic trading platform that centrally deals with artificial intelligence and uses the most recent technologies, such as machine learning. It employs a range of sophisticated trading algorithms designed to suit diverse strategies, such as momentum trading, return to mean, breakout tracking, and even multiple exchange arbitrage.

This wide array of algorithms is further backed by its strong technical infrastructure, allowing for high frequency, low latency trade execution at scale. It will adjust its intricacies to match changing market dynamics and risk management measures that proactively respond to the situation in which it is engaged.

The main thing that makes Algotech unique is its radical decentralization and transparency philosophy. The platform claims to provide unparalleled trustless trading guarantees through detailed on-chain transaction tracking and transparent data origin, in contrast to Chainlink’s troubled oracle model criticized for centralization and manipulation attacks.

$250K Giveway Drives Investors to Algotech After Record Presale

Even though the remarkable technology does not assure prosperity in the crypto market, which is known for being highly unpredictable, the biggest reason why Algotech (ALGT) will be a big success could be its attractive incentive package, which might trigger the adoption of its ecosystem all by itself.

$ALGT token is an ERC-20-based functional utility token used to run various operations and incentives on this platform. There are 350 million tokens in total, and the anticipated launch price is $0.15, which makes it a mouthwatering opportunity for those who come to invest early.

The project has a very ambitious reward system. Users are encouraged to accumulate and stake $ALGT tokens to receive perpetual parts of Algotech’s investment profits. The more you stake, the higher your tier and corresponding revenue share—ranging from a minimum of 1% to a whopping 10% for the platform’s biggest whales.

Then there is the $250K Giveaway, which blew up by fueling another craze. Through an Audacious marketing stunt, Algotech is selecting 10 random winners among its participants during the presale who will receive $25,000 in $ALGT each. Stakes have already started soaring, with just over $3.7M raised, so don’t waste your time and join the presale.


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